The Highlander’s Irish Bride (Clan Kendrick #4) by Vanessa Kelly, Ruth Urquhart (Narrator)

Published July 27th 2021 by Tantor Audio, Zebra

3.5 Stars:

Kathleen Calvert is the daughter of an Irish Aristocrat, but she doesn’t act like one. When the possibility of scandal looms, Kathleen’s parents, hoping to preserve her reputation and save her brother’s betrothal, send her to Scotland to visit family until the rumors die down. She heads north with her younger sister and is welcomed by the wonderful Kendrick family. Her constant escort is the handsome but dull Grant Kendrick, a serious businessman who has no time for Kathleen or her spoiled sister, Jeannie.

I liked Grant and Kathleen. I enjoyed seeing them gradually come to appreciate each other and thought they balanced each other well. Grant was a wild in his younger years and has settled down and become responsible, while Kathleen wants nothing but to return to Ireland and raise horses. She is adventurous and takes risks and Grant likes that about her. This book was a romance, but the romance took a long time to develop. It was a slow burn but, Kathleen’s sister Jeannie, was a spoiled brat and took so much energy from the adults to keep her under control. This was one of those situations where the teenager, she is 16, had been so coddled and over protected, that when she is away from her parents, she lets loose and finds herself in some inappropriate situations. Although this is the fourth book in the series, it can be read as a standalone, but I have enjoyed them all, and suggest you do the same. I think this was my least favourite of the series, probably because of all the nonsense Jeannie gets up to and that she is allowed more often than not. I can’t not talk about Graeme, Grant’s grandfather. He has been in all the books and he is such a hoot. He is older and has no filter. He says what others are thinking, but it comes out so inappropriate at times, I had to laugh. There is adventure with robberies, possible kidnappings and some lives put at risk all with a romantic undertone. I have enjoyed this series and recommend it to lovers of Historical Fiction. The audiobook is narrated by Ruth Urquhart. I enjoy her narration of these Scottish stories. She does the brogue wonderfully and even the male voices are well done. She was able to do an Irish lilt as well so that Kathleen also had her own voice. Her expression and inflection is right on and I love that she is narrating this series. The publisher generously provided me with a copy of this book upon request. The rating, ideas and opinions shared are my own.


You’ve Got Plaid (Prince Charlie’s Angels #3) by Eliza Knight

Published May 25th 2021 by Sourcebooks Casablanca

4 Stars: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

This is the third book in Prince Charlie’s Angels and although it is the first one I have read, I enjoyed the story and had no issues following what was happening. We meet Fiona McBean, Prince Charle’s official messenger, trying to deliver a message to Brogan Grant, a soldier leading a group of Jacobites. There is a bit of sizzle at that meeting, but they each head off on their own way. They next meet in 1745 and the Jacobites are trying to assist Bonnie Prince Charles Stuart regain the British throne for his father. They believe he is the rightful king. It is the battle of Culloden where they are soundly defeated as none of the promised French troops and weapons arrived. Prince Charles flees for his life. Fiona, also known as the Phantom, joins up with Brogan and the few men that survived the battle to find the Prince and protect him. Meanwhile, the Duke of Cumberland, known as The Butcher, has his redcoat army all over Scotland with orders to kill any and every Scot who even remotely appears to be a Jacobite, which means anyone they choose. The begin a systematic path of torture, rape, murder and pillaging. Many Scots join forces and support the English King George, so it is hard to determine who to trust.

This book is a whirlwind of travel, adventure, fighting, some killing, and romance. While trying to locate the Prince, they have to dodge the Redcoats and at times kill them. Brogan gradually falls for Fiona, and is attracted to her strong, independent, loyal, courageous, and stubborn nature. Fiona also becomes attracted to Brogan, but fights it as much as she can. She does not want to become a wife and give up all that she has fought for. Brogan is a handsome warrior, skilled and extremely loyal as well. He is the bastard of another clans laird, who supports King George. He has no intention of giving his heart to a woman. I really liked both of these characters and wanted them to be happy. The other seven men that traveled with them were also likeable and I was rooting for them to survive. There are a couple of intimate scenes, but they were not too graphic or too long. This is a suspenseful historical romance filled with danger, fighting, and devious plots. There is a lot of research that went into this book. The battles they reference, the locations they visit, and many of the people they discuss and meet are steeped in history and offer a realistic view of Scotland at this time. When I visited Scotland a few years ago, I went to some of the historical sites mentioned in the book, which helped me to enjoy it even more. If you enjoy historical fiction, especially with romance, than you will appreciate and enjoy this story. The publisher generously provided me with a copy of this book upon request. The rating and opinions shared are my own.