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Happy Independence Day, aka July 4th

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Mini-Reviews: The Body in the Apartment, The Line Between, The Simple Wild and Misfits. #BookReviews

I hope you enjoy these mini-reviews. These books were all provided by the publisher upon my request. The ratings, ideas and opinions shared are my own. They have all been languishing on my TBR for different lengths of time and my goal this summer to try and read books that I have had for awhile.

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Happy Father’s Day

To all the wonderful fathers out there, Happy Father’s Day.

A father is one who loves, cares and teaches a child. You do not have to be a biological father to be a “dad”. To all the men who have acted as fathers, this is your day, enjoy it.

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Happy Mother’s Day

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Happy Earth Day 2020


I’m not sure if e have learned anything since this song came out back in 1965.

Let’s all do our part in saving our planet.

I Hope I Can Make You Smile Today

There have been a lot of Memes and One-Liners out there trying to make people smile about what we are going through. Here are a few of them, compiled by a friend. I Hope You Smile. 

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How Are You Filling Your Time in Isolation?

Stay safe and healthy. Please stay home if you can.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

I know most if not all of you will be spending the day at home, but have a Guinness, or a corned beef sandwich or even some Irish Soda Bread to celebrate.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Take time today to tell all those that mean something to you that you love them. If they are close enough, give them a hug. Call those who live far away. This is a day for loving, caring, friendship and letting people know about it. To all of you who follow my blog, like or comment, Thank-You for being my blogging friend.

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