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HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to anyone who mothers.

Mothers make the world go round. However you demonstrate your mothering skills, this is you day. The day to celebrate all things MOTHER. (even though I think it should be at least once a week. 😉😉)


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Today is Earth Day, but I think it should be Earth Day every day. We need to take care of our planet if we want it to last for future generations.

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Happy Easter 🐰🐣⛪

I want to wish a very Happy Easter to everyone who is celebrating today.

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April is Autism Acceptance Month, April 2nd is Autism Awareness Day

Thanks to my friend Rae, at powerfulwomenreaders for her post on Autism Acceptance Month/Autism Awareness Day. it reminded me that I wanted to post about this as well. Many of you may be aware that my grandson is on the Autism Spectrum and my BFF has a son, who is now a young adult, that also has autism. I was the principal at a school that had three classes of students with varying learning issues, many of them with autism. As you can see, this is something that is near and dear to my heart

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day Everyone

Enjoy your green beer or whatever else you might put green food colouring in. I hope to enjoy some corned beef and cabbage for dinner, and listen to some great music, thanks to Cathy at 746Books and her post of Contemporary Female Irish Musicians. Check it out and listen to some great music today.

February: Black History Month

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With February being Black History month, I am trying to read books either about Black Characters or written by Authors of Colour. As part of what I wanted to do this month, I read about some of the injustices right here in my own county. One thing I found out is that we had a “Black School” less than half an hour from where I live that was only closed in 1965. I was already 7 years old and had no idea. Continue reading “February: Black History Month”

Random Ramblings

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Hello all. I am feeling a bit lost today. Have no ambition or motivation to do much. I have books to read and reviews to write, but not interested. This is very strange for me, I have heard about people losing their mojo, and I hope that is not it. Anyway, I did a bit of baking and thought I would post the recipe.

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Good-Bye 2020, Enjoy the last day everyone, 2021 Can Only Be Better

2021 Reading Goals

This year, I am setting some reading goals. These are not challenges, just some general goals that I am setting for myself. Here goes:

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