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National Book Lover’s Day

I saw this video on By Hook or By Book and loved it. I just had to share it. Enjoy!


Happy Independence Day aka 4th of July

To all my U.S. friends out there, I want to wish you a Very Happy 4th of July/Independence Day.

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Happy Canada Day

Happy Canada Day to all my fellow Canadians. Enjoy your day and remember what an awesome country we live in!

Canada Day celebration emblem design template : Stock Illustration

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June is Audiobook Month

June is Audiobook Month

For years, I tried to listen to audiobooks but couldn’t concentrate on the book, my mind was always going a mile a minute. Last year, I tried again and eureka, success. Perhaps it is because I am retired and no longer have so many things to stress about. Perhaps it is that I am not a huge television watcher, I would rather read or listen to a book. Perhaps it is that I enjoy listening to a story while doing mundane chores and jobs. Whatever it is, I absolutely love listening to audiobooks. Continue reading “June is Audiobook Month”

I Love Used Book Sales

On Sunday, my church held a used book sale to raise money to send kids to summer camp. There were so many books that they were practically giving them away. For $21.00 I purchased 8 children’s books and 16 novels for me. I also made another donation to their cause, but that was my choice. Here is what I got.

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Happy Victoria Day

To all my Canadian Friends out there,

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Wonderful Wednesday

HAPPY SPRING, First Day of Spring

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day

To all of you who are Irish or who are Irish for a day! 

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Enjoy yourself, drink Green Beer, eat corned beef and cabbage and have fun.

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