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A Summer Book-Bingo – Just for Fun! FINAL UPDATE

New Horizons Bingo! - New Horizons Designs

One of my favourite bloggers, Lynne at Fictionophile, created a SUMMER BOOK BINGO. I jumped in and did pretty well. My goal was originally a full card, but I didn’t make that. I did, however, finish over half the card and get 6 lines. Continue reading “A Summer Book-Bingo – Just for Fun! FINAL UPDATE”

New To Me Author (Summer Bingo) Final Post #nasbingo #nas

Book Bingo | Avalon Free Public Library

New-to-Me Author Summer Bingo is hosted by Jana at That Artsy Reader Girl and Jessica at Reading with Jessica . The event ran from June 1st through August 31st. I was actually surprised to see how many new to me authors I read on a relatively regular basis.

Jessica and Jana hosted this challenge and posted sprints on their Twitter pages (@ArtsyReaderGirl and @ReadingwJessica). I didn’t do any of them, but I had fun with the challenge anyway. Here is my final post. I thought I might get a full card, but missed out on three squares. Continue reading “New To Me Author (Summer Bingo) Final Post #nasbingo #nas”

20 Books of Summer 2020 Final Update #20BooksOfSummer20

This year, I changed my reading list part way through the challenge. I realized that trying to read nine books from the DI Kim Stone series was not going to happen. I switched it up so that I only had four of them on my list and added some easy summer reads to the list instead. Even g\doing this, I didn’t quite make it. I still have one more to read from the list, so read 19/20. Having said that, I did read over 100 books during the three months of this challenge.

Continue reading “20 Books of Summer 2020 Final Update #20BooksOfSummer20”

Summer Challenges: Update

With July over with, I only have one month to complete my summer challenges. I have two bingo challenges and The 20 Books of Summer 2020 that I have been working one. Let’s see how I am doing. Click on the link to go to the actual post and see what I have read.

New To Me Author (Summer Bingo)

Technically, I have finished this challenge as I have completed two lines. I only have four squares left to go to fill the whole card. Continue reading “Summer Challenges: Update”

Challenge Update for 2020

We are 1/4 of the way into 2020, so I decided to see how my Challenges are going. You can link to the individual challenge pages here if you wish, but here is my rundown. Continue reading “Challenge Update for 2020”

A to Z Challenge 2020 (Title)

retro open book isolated on white background

This reading challenge is created and hosted by Megan and Crystal from GingerMomAndCompany and they’ve been doing this for three years now. I rediscovered it through Macsbooks and now will share it with you. This really shouldn’t be too difficult, should it? I am not going to put any restrictions on this challenge (although I would love to read at least 6 physical books that I own), just try to finish one for each letter. Continue reading “A to Z Challenge 2020 (Title)”

2020 Challenges

I have finally figured out which challenges I am going to participate in this year. Here is the round up of all of them with links to my sign up post. My plan is to do update posts every two months, but we all know what happens with best laid plans. Continue reading “2020 Challenges”

2020 Popsugar Challenge

Related image

2019 was the first year I participated in the Popsugar Challenge. I had planned to complete 25/50 prompts. I completed 33, so was quite pleased with my results. My goal this year is to complete 40/50. I am going to try to complete some of the more difficult ones first so that I will have a better chance at completing them. 35/50 Continue reading “2020 Popsugar Challenge”

Bookbloggers Fiction Reading Challenge for 2020 – #FFRC2020

Fictionophile is one of my favourite bloggers and I love visiting her site. This year she is hosting a Fiction challenge. You can visit her post here. Continue reading “Bookbloggers Fiction Reading Challenge for 2020 – #FFRC2020”

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