Update on July 30th. I had to make one change to the list. I read Women in the Castle but it did not take place in the summer so I removed it from the list and added Starfish Moon instead. This means with only 5 weeks to go, I have to read nine books to complete this challenge. Better get to those Summer Titles.

20 Books of Summer is an annual reading challenge created by Cathy at 746 Books.

As well, I got this idea from another blogger I follow: Fictionophile

This challenge starts June 1st and finishes on September 3rd. With seven weeks left in this challenge, I have read eight of the books I had planned with 12 more to go. Not sure if I will get them all finished, but will surely give it a try.

So, here is my list. I want to read 20 books that take place in the summer. All of these are on my TBR list. Here goes: Continue reading “20 Books of Summer 2017 Update”