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Ho Ho Ho Readathon #hohohorat


Seventh Annual #HoHoHoRAT

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20 Books for Christmas Reading Challenge 2019

I love reading Christmas stories, so this challenge is right up my alley. Now you don’t have to read Christmas Books, but that is what I am going to choose. The challenge begins Tuesday  October 1, 2019 running through until December 31, 2019. Continue reading “20 Books for Christmas Reading Challenge 2019”

20 Books of Summer 2019 Final Post

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Cathy of 746 Books has been running the 20 Books of Summer challenge since 2014, and this will be the third year that I have participated. 14/20

This is the first year that I did not complete this challenge, but I did get 70% of them done, so I guess I am satisfied with that.

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ARC August Final Post (even though it is late) #ARCAugust


This is a challenge that is hosted by  Read, Sleep, Repeat. My goal was 15 ARCs, but I thought I might do more. Here is my final list. I completed this challenge of 15/15 read/listened to. I also read or listened to 14 other ARCs that were not on the original list, and 21 Children’s ARCs read to my grandchildren. Of the 29 novels, 14 were audiobooks. Continue reading “ARC August Final Post (even though it is late) #ARCAugust”

Suggestions Needed

Hello all my wonderful, fellow readers and friends.

If you follow my blog, you know that I have challenged myself this year to complete some challenges which require me to read outside my comfort zone. I am looking for recommendations/suggestions in various areas. If you are a writer, perhaps you have written something that would fit the bill. Here goes, looking for suggestions for: Continue reading “Suggestions Needed”

Pop Sugar Challenge

I have looked and looked at this challenge and never jumped on it because I was pretty sure I would never complete it. Well, maybe I need something to push me out of my comfort zone. I am going to give it a try and see how if I can complete it. My first task is to find out what RPG means. 😃

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Call me crazy but I’m going to give it a go!  26/50 as of August 10th

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COYER 2018/2019 Tracking

This challenge is now finished. I read 76/80 that I had hoped to complete. Overall, I am happy with that result.

This is a challenge that I just want to get some of those books off my tablet. It began on December 1st and runs until March 1st. I would love to try and get 80 of those books (ARC, provided by publicity tour, freebies from Amazon) off my tablet, to make room for new ones. Let’s see what i have read:

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Historical Fiction Reading Challenge 2019

I found this challenge over at The Secret Library Book Blog.  It is hosted byAMY @ PASSAGES TO THE PAST . Click on her site for all the details.

I am hoping to acheive the Ancient History Level which is to read 25 Historical Fiction Books. That is a lot for me, so I shall see how it goes. 

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2019 Audiobook Challenge Tracking


I have already posted the page explaining this challenge here. This is the page where I will keep track of the books I read. I will update at the end of each month. Continue reading “2019 Audiobook Challenge Tracking”

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