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Suggestions Needed

Hello all my wonderful, fellow readers and friends.

If you follow my blog, you know that I have challenged myself this year to complete some challenges which require me to read outside my comfort zone. I am looking for recommendations/suggestions in various areas. If you are a writer, perhaps you have written something that would fit the bill. Here goes, looking for suggestions for: Continue reading “Suggestions Needed”


Pop Sugar Challenge

I have looked and looked at this challenge and never jumped on it because I was pretty sure I would never complete it. Well, maybe I need something to push me out of my comfort zone. I am going to give it a try and see how if I can complete it. My first task is to find out what RPG means.¬†ūüėÉ

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Call me crazy but I’m going to give it a go!  19/50 as of March 25

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COYER 2018/2019 Tracking

This challenge is now finished. I read 76/80 that I had hoped to complete. Overall, I am happy with that result.

This is a challenge that I just want to get some of those books off my tablet. It began on December 1st and runs until March 1st. I would love to try and get 80 of those books (ARC, provided by publicity tour, freebies from Amazon) off my tablet, to make room for new ones. Let’s see what i have read:

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Historical Fiction Reading Challenge 2019

I found this challenge over at The Secret Library Book Blog.  It is hosted byAMY @ PASSAGES TO THE PAST . Click on her site for all the details.

I am hoping to acheive the Ancient History Level which is to read 25 Historical Fiction Books. That is a lot for me, so I shall see how it goes. 

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2019 Audiobook Challenge Tracking


I have already posted the page explaining this challenge here.¬†This is the page where I will keep track of the books I read. I will update at the end of each month. Continue reading “2019 Audiobook Challenge Tracking”

Genre Book Bingo 2019

This challenge was listed in a¬†Goodreads group¬†that Darinda at¬†¬†Nightcap Books.¬†belongs to.¬†The goal is to read books to make as many “bingos” as you want. I generated my bingo card¬†here, using the directions provided in the group challenge. This challenge has 24 prompts (genres), and I hope to complete all of them. Below is the list of prompts. After each prompt I will add the book I read. I think this will be the hardest challenge for me as I tend to stick to the same genres. Hopefully this will help me to step out of my comfort zone.

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2019 Challenges

I have been reading posts and emails from bloggers I follow and have decided on a few challenges for 2019. I will use books for multiple challenges, but will try to be original if I can. Each challenge will have its own page, but will all be linked to this master page. I will update them at the end of every month. The ones I plan on participating in are: Continue reading “2019 Challenges”

Colour Challenge 2019

I found this one on Nightcap Books, a blog I enjoy following. The idea is to read books that have certain colors on their covers or in their titles. This challenge has 18 prompts, and I hope to complete all of them. Below is the list of prompts. After each prompt I will add the book I read.

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An A-Z of those I own UPDATED

This idea was the brainchild of Margaret (Books Please) and was introduced to me by Lynne (Fictionophile). This is a blog I follow that is wonderful and I recommend that you check it out. If you want to see the reviews for those I have already read, click on the book cover.

This is not a challenge but an idea to help clear those physical books off your shelf. I read so much on my tablet, that my bookshelves are sagging, but I do not want to get rid of any of them until I read them.¬†The plan is to post through the alphabet, choosing books whose titles begin with each letter. I head to Florida in January and am gone for 9 weeks. I read by the pool a lot so read physical books as my tablet is not sun friendly. I have picked my first 6 books for this challenge and it is a mix of genres. Once I read these ones, I will add more. I will bring others with me to Florida so I have them ready. Here goes: Continue reading “An A-Z of those I own UPDATED”

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