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Challenges for 2021 (Update January 31)

I wanted to have a page where I listed all my 2021 Reading Challenges. I hope this will help me to keep them organized and that I won’t forget any of them. My plan is to update this page at the end of each month with my progress. I will also use the same book for more than one challenge, so it will not be impossible to complete as many of my challenges as possible.

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Bookbloggers Fiction Challenge for 2021 #BB2021FRC

This is the second year that I have participated in the Bookbloggers Fiction Challenge hosted by one of my favourite bloggers, Lynne at Fictionophile. You will find he details at the post on her website. It is easy to participate by making a blog entry and then, starting to read. I like that there are only 8 prompts to fulfill.

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2021 Mystery Genre Bingo Challenge

Reading Challenges Archives – Nightcap Books

I know I said that I was not going to enter a bunch of challenges this year, but when I saw this on Darinda’s blog: NIGHTCAP BOOKS, I couldn’t resist. You just use the word list she has provided and make your own card at Bingo Card Generator. Do you like mysteries? Why don’t you join in.

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What’s In A Name 2021 – Challenge

I participated in this challenge in 2020. Although there are only 6 prompts, it took me until the end of the year to complete it. This challenge is hosted by Andrea @ Carolina Book Nook. Continue reading “What’s In A Name 2021 – Challenge”

Library Love Challenge 2021

Welcome to the fifth annual Library Love Challenge hosted by Angel’s Guilty Pleasures & Books of My Heart. This will be the first year I have participated in this challenge, but I use my library regularly, especially for audiobooks. Join in to show your support for local libraries. Head over to either of the posts linked above to sign up and get the details. There are also quarterly giveaways to enter.

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Final Christmas Readathon Update – December

I began my Christmas reading in earnest, starting September 1st. My goal for each month is to read or listen to 12 to 15 Christmas books that are on my TBR. In September, I read/listened to  17 of these books. In October, I read/listened to another 19 and in November I only added 13 more to my total. I finished off my readathon with a bang. I read or listened to 17 Christmas books in December. This brings my grand total of 66 Christmas books from September 1st to December 31st. I more than reached my goal of 50. I still have a lot left on my TBR, but this put a nice dent in it. I am done with Christmas stories until Christmas in July. Continue reading “Final Christmas Readathon Update – December”

The 52 Book Club: 2021 Challenge

The 52 Book Club: 2021 Challenge

I was invited to join this Goodreads group and challenge for 2021. If you click on the link above, it will take you to the webpage. Anyone can join in. I have done the Popsugar Challenge for the last three years and although I have been getting closer to completing it each year, I was looking for a change. This Challenge looks like it could be the one. Of course, if I read one a week, technically I should have no problem completing this challenge. What I need to do is try and complete the hardest prompts in the first couple of months so I will finish, but I shall see. Here goes, I am going to select some of the books I want to read, some will fulfill challenges as I read them (i.e. Book I rate 5 stars) and some I will keep searching for. 28/52

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2020 Challenge Update – December 31

Goodreads: I set my goal at 300 books and have read over 600, so DONE. (many of these were picture books so it is not as many as it appears. Continue reading “2020 Challenge Update – December 31”

What’s In a Name Challenge 2020, Final Update


The What’s In A Name Challenge is being hosted again for 2020 by Andrea at Carolina Book Nook.  Andrea took over in 2019 from Charlie at The Worm Hole who hosted previous years’ challenges. Continue reading “What’s In a Name Challenge 2020, Final Update”

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