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The Wild Inside (Glacier Park Mystery #1) by Christine Carbo, R.C. Bray (narrator)

282890133.5 Stars 

Published June 16th 2015 by Atria Books

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A Merciful Fate (Mercy Kilpatrick #5) by Kendra Elliot

A Merciful Fate (Mercy Kilpatrick, #5)4 Stars –  

Published January 15th 2019 by Montlake Romance

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Broken Heart Attack (Braxton Campus Mysteries) by James J. Cudney

Broken Heart Attack (Braxton Campus Mysteries) by James J. Cudney

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The Bequest: A Nicole Graves Mystery (Nicole Graves Mysteries #2) by Nancy Boyarsky

The Bequest: A Nicole Graves Mystery (Nicole Graves Mysteries Book 2)4 Stars

Published August 15th 2017 by Light Messages Publishing

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The Burning Island (Charlie Cates #3) by Hester Young

The Burning Island4 Stars

Expected publication: January 22nd 2019 by G.P. Putnam’s Sons

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A Healing Justice by Kristin von Kreisler

A Healing Justice by Kristin von Kreisler4.5 Stars

Published September 25th 2018 by Kensington Publishing Corporation

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Y is for Yesterday (Kinsey Millhone #25) by Sue Grafton

Y is for Yesterday (Kinsey Millhone, #25)4 Stars

Published August 22nd 2017 by Marian Wood Books/Putnam

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The Life We Bury (Detective Max Rupert #1) by Allen Eskens

The Life We Bury5 Stars

Published October 14th 2014 by Seventh Street Books

Our narrator and main character, Joe, is a street-smart college student forced to struggle for everything he has achieved. He never knew his dad, and his mom is a narcissistic alcoholic who uses every weapon she can on Joe. He has an adult brother (in age), Jeremy, who is autistic and developmentally delayed. Joe is writing a biography for an English college course and is trying to interview Carl Iverson. Carl is a paroled killer with cancer living his last years out in a nursing home. He is a VietNam vet, who only has one friend, and that friend knows Carl did not kill anyone. With the pushing of his neighbour, Carl begins to investigate the murder from 30 years earlier and thinks that perhaps Carl is innocent. Carl doesn’t seem to care if he is exonerated or not, but Joe does care.

I loved the character of Jo. He is caring, compassionate, honest, moral and tough as nails. His brother shows his soft side while he cares for him, although he also has a bit of a selfish side, but rightly so. The story flows effortlessly from Carl’s life story to Joe’s back story. The ending has a twist that didn’t surprise me as there were tidbits dropped along the way. It was however very fitting and satisfying. I listened to the audiobook of this story as it had been recommended by several reviewers I follow and I am glad that I did. It is narrated by a talented actor, Zach Villa, who did a wonderful job with both the voice of Joe and Carl. This book was an excellent choice for listening to as the pacing of the narrative kept my attention throughout and my mind didn’t wander. I definitely recommend this one and will look for more books by this talented author, Allen Eskens. Continue reading “The Life We Bury (Detective Max Rupert #1) by Allen Eskens”

Now That She’s Gone (Waterman and Stark #2) by Gregg Olsen

Now That She's Gone (Waterman and Stark, #2)3.5 Stars

Published November 24th 2015 by Pinnacle

This is the middle book in a trilogy, but fortunately for me, could be read as a standalone. Having said that, I will go back and read/listen to the first one in this serial killer trilogy. Serial killer Brenda Nevins, escapes from prison, with the help of Warden Janie Thomas. Detective Kendall Stark and Forensic Pathologist, Birdy Waterman are assumed to be targets. As this is going on, Stark is assigned to help a reality television show featuring a psychic and disgraced cop solve a local cold case. Kendall is overwhelmed with work and with her deteriorating circumstances at home. Frustrated on both fronts, Kendall uses her dogged determination to try to solve the cases and right the wrongs.

This book has a fast paced plot, good side story and great characters. Kendall Stark and Native American Birdy Waterman are a great team. They are supreme problem solvers. There was a line in the book that describes Birdy very accurately. When Birdy has a body on the table she “prays for them and promises to find out what happened.” Kendall is just as determined to solve the case. I enjoyed the unmasking of the reality show and the characters involved in that, it gave credence to that storyline for me. I had some issues with parts of this story though. I did not like how Kendall fell apart when dealing with Brenda (the serial killer). She provoked her, whether on purpose of unintentionally and that was a bit disconcerting. I also dislike abrupt and cliffhanger type endings. I know I will have to read the next book to find out what happens, but will read book 1 first. Continue reading “Now That She’s Gone (Waterman and Stark #2) by Gregg Olsen”

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