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The Rancher’s Redemption (Return of the Blackwell Brothers #3) by Melinda Curtis

The Rancher's Redemption4.5 Stars

Published October 2nd 2018 by Harlequin Heartwarming

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The Rancher’s Rescue (Return of the Blackwell Brothers #2) by Cari Lynn Webb

The Rancher's Rescue (Return of the Blackwell Brothers #2)5 Stars

Published September 4th 2018 by Harlequin Heartwarming

This is my second visit to Blackwell Ranch to meet the family and find out how and if they are going to save the ranch. This is Ethan’s story. When Ethan returns to Falcon Creek to attend Sarah Ashley’s wedding, who just happens to be his ex, he has an encounter with Grace, her sister. Unbeknownst to him, Grace is now pregnant. He comes back to the ranch at the request of his brother Jon and when he and Grace meet up, their attraction to one another bubbles to the surface. Can these two make a go of a relationship? Will they admit their feelings to one another?

This series has five books and each are written by a different author. The first two fit together so well, you would never know they were not written by the same person. Cari Lynn Webb’s characters are so realistic. They are believable and I found myself talking to them as I read this book. This book is a heartwarming story with just the right amount of angst and worries. I was cheering for both Ethan and Grace knowing that they would be perfect together if only they could overcome their hurdles. There is a lot going on in this story with some side lines that were woven together very well. I enjoyed the fact that the characters from the first book made appearances and were like old friends. I am looking forward to the next book in this series. If you like a romance with fun, worries, a few hurdles and a happy ever after, you need to pick up this book, in fact start with the first one as you won’t want to miss reading about any of the Blackwell brothers. I requested this book from the author and was fortunate that my request was granted. The rating, opinions and ideas shared are my own. Continue reading “The Rancher’s Rescue (Return of the Blackwell Brothers #2) by Cari Lynn Webb”

Bluestone & Vine (Blue Hollow Falls #2) by Donna Kauffman

Bluestone & Vine4 Stars

Published June 26th 2018 by Zebra

Unbeknownst to Seth his sister, Moira (Mouse) has agreed to do a house swap with her college roommate’s sister. She wants to go abroad so she can study for the bar alone, and her friend’s sister, Pippa, needs some time to recuperate from throat surgery and ponder her next move. Pippa is a famous Irish folksinger, who has not sung in over a year since her surgery and is not sure if she will be able to sing again. Seth isn’t happy with his sister when he learns of the swap and although he agrees with Mouse, he plans to find alternate accommodations for this interruption into his life. When they meet there is instant attraction and neither knows how to deal with it or if they even want to. Seth likes being alone, he has been working hard on getting the vineyard he owns running, and he’s not ready to change his life for something that has too many obstacles to work around.

I loved the character of Pippa. She is so sweet and easy to love. She is kind and is able to see what others need and what they are feeling. She is fun, bubbly and everyone who meets her falls in love with her. Seth is serious, quiet and reserved, but he can not resist her. Pippa and Seth do not want to fall in love. Seth is sure she is going back to Ireland, Pippa does not know what she wants. The more time they spend together, the harder they fall. It takes a huge leap of faith for Seth and Pippa, who are from two different countries and ways of life, to let down their guard and just be happy. I enjoyed the journey they had to travel to get to their happy ending. Donna Kauffman is able to write characters who are strong, compassionate, witty, loving and real. I wanted to be right there with them watching their story unfold. A great romance with a fun storyline to fill it out. I am looking forward to heading back to Blue Hollow Falls to see when Moira will get her Happily Ever After. I listened to the audiobook of this story, narrated by Amanda Ronconi. She did a great job with the narration and I loved the lilt she used for Pippa. Continue reading “Bluestone & Vine (Blue Hollow Falls #2) by Donna Kauffman”

A Simple Wish (Simple Gifts #2) by Charlotte Hubbard

A Simple Wish (Simple Gifts #2)5 Stars

Published September 26th 2017 by Zebra

This is the second book in the Simple Gifts series and it is Loretta’s story. Loretta is struggling to find her footing after her ex-fiancé, Will, moves to Willow Ridge. He is all apologetic for letting her father run him off and marrying Molly on the rebound. Even though he did not father her twins, they were intimate and he claims he did love her. He wants to court Loretta, but she no longer has feelings for him. And then there is Drew, who is the father, but is trying to be a better man. He deceived many in the previous story, but Edith and Asa have forgiven him and he has his sights on Loretta. Loretta wants to teach rug-making and work at Simple Gifts, not be her dad’s stay-at-home, old-maid daughter for the rest of her life. She wants a home, a husband and children. Her father, Cornelius, is still a tyrant, determined to have his way no matter what the cost. Will, knows his secret and is willing to use it to save the girls from his grip. I was cheering for Loretta to fight for her dreams while wondering at her courage, considering her background.

Fans of Amish fiction will surely fall in love with Loretta and most of the other characters in this book. I am enjoying the continuing saga of the Riehl sisters and the fortunes of Nora and The Simple Gifts store. I also enjoyed learning more about Rachel, the triplet that returned to Willow Ridge after finding about her birth family. Wyatt was another new character that brought another storyline to the book that was also very enjoyable and entertaining. I enjoyed how Charlotte Hubbard was able to weave all the various characters and their stories into an entertaining and enjoyable Christian Fiction Romance story. Once again, I listened to this book and was very happy with the narration by Susan Boyce. She does a wonderful job with her calming voice. I felt like I was in Willow Ridge experiencing this story. Well done. Continue reading “A Simple Wish (Simple Gifts #2) by Charlotte Hubbard”

A Simple Vow (Simple Gifts #1) by Charlotte Hubbard

A Simple Vow (Simple Gifts #1)5 Stars

Published May 31st 2016 by Zebra

So, I started the Simple Gifts series with the third one and loved it so much, that I went back to read the first two. I loved this series and will definitely look for more from Charlotte Hubbard. There is a wedding happening in Willow Ridge and Edith is hurrying to attend when she stumbles upon two Amish men arguing. She stops to calm them down when she hears a baby crying, actually two babies. Edith steps in to comfort the children and confront the men. The men, Will, her sister Loretta’s ex-fiancé and another man that Edith does not know, are arguing over who is the father of the babies. She later learns the handsome man is Asa Detweiler, the man who the babies’ mother, Molly, said she would always love, with her dying breath. Molly was Will’s wife, and had recently died from cancer. Will leaves the babies with Edith and heads home to sort out his life. Edith falls instantly in love with the darling babies, but what will happen when her father finds out she has taken over their care.

I love the characters, both Edith’s relatives and her friends. Everyone pitches in to provide support and give the family what they will need to raise these babies. Of course there is some romance in the story and Edith has to deal with her father Cornelius. He is the one character that I disliked immensely. He is rude, demanding, hypocritical and obnoxious. His three daughters are saints to put up with him and follow the commandment, “Honor your father and mother”. I enjoyed meeting Nora and finding out about the store, Simple Gifts. This was where the Amish Crafters were able to consign their wares and make money. Eventually Edith and her sisters would all be involved with the store in some way. Just when I thought I had everything figured out, there was a huge twist to the story. It threw Edith and Asa into a situation that they would have to deal with and see if they could overcome it to have a life together. I listened to this book and was very happy with the narration by Susan Boyce. It is calming and felt like I was right there experiencing the story. I am so glad I went back to listen to this book and look forward to the second one, A Simple Wish. Continue reading “A Simple Vow (Simple Gifts #1) by Charlotte Hubbard”

Home with You (The Bradshaws #1) by Shirlee McCoy

Home with You (The Bradshaws #1)4.5 Stars

Published February 27th 2018 by Zebra

Shirlee McCoy is becoming a must read author for me. Having just finished the Home Sweet Home trilogy, I was happy to see there was a new series, The Bradshaws being penned. HOME WITH YOU is the first book in the Bradshaws series, also taking place in Benevolence, Washington. Sullivan Bradshaw is a bachelor professor, on sabbatical, who is taking care of his six nieces and nephews. His brother Matt was killed in a car accident that left his wife, Sunday, in a coma. Sullivan and his two brothers are all they have left to take care of them. They are all adopted, so the brothers do not want them to feel unwanted again. An ad in placed in the paper looking for a housekeeper with a lot of other gifts, rather like Mary Poppins. This brings us to the second MC in this book. Rumer Truehart answers the ad, looking for a job to help pay her Grandmother Lu’s medical bills. Poor Rumer, her heart and her life will never be the same.

Once I started reading, I was emotionally invested in all of the characters and what they were going through. The children stole the book. There antics are priceless. Acting out of anger, sadness, frustration and loss, they act out like children would. They are very worried about what will become of them if Sunday doesn’t come home. Rumer is trying not to live out the Truehart women’s legacy of making terrible choices in men, so is trying to ignore the growing attraction she has for Sullivan. Sullivan, aka Uncle Sully, is afraid of taking care of the kids because he is single and has no kids of his own so no experience. His experiences with his own father are not the example he wants to follow, but he is afraid he will turnout the same way. Everything does not go smoothly with this crew, but as they work through the roadblocks, frustrations and impulsive decisions, the reader will see them become a family that has very strong ties to one another. Having read previous books that take place in Benevolence, it was nice to see some familiar characters and places in this story.

I enjoyed Home With You and am looking forward to spending more time with the Bradshaws. This is a book of love, loneliness, loss, caring, second chances, family, and choices you make. Shirlee McCoy had me falling in love with this mixed up family very quickly and praying that they would be okay. The idea that these characters could become a family, not through blood, but because of the way they felt about one another, reminds us that family can be made up of those we choose. I am looking forward to seeing what happens with the other Bradshaw brothers. Another winning romance with some strong messages about family from Shirlee McCoy. I recommend anyone that loves a good, clean, romance, pick this one up.

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Christmas at Mistletoe Cove (Hope Island #3) by Holly Martin

Christmas at Mistletoe Cove (Hope Island #3)3.5 Stars

Published September 22nd 2017 by Bookouture

I read the first two books in the Hope Island Trilogy last year and loved them. For some reason, I did not read this one, so with Christmas on the way, I anticipated a lovely visit with siblings Rome, Eden and Bella. Best-friends Eden and Dougie have been fumbling around, neither realizing how the other felt for them in the previous books. I couldn’t wait to see how their story would play out, knowing that it was just a matter of time before they finally acting upon those feelings. The book opens with the news that Dougie has sold his business in the US and is moving home to Hope Island. When he arrives, we see that easy going relationship between the two best friends, the looks they share, the secret glances when they don’t think the other is watching, and the brief touches as they pass one another. It is very apparent to the reader and everyone else in the village that there is something special going on. But, after they venture to Mistletoe Cove, where it’s rumoured wishes come true, the story lost some of that charm, becoming too sweet as Dougie begins to overdo it with his gestures of love. Add in Eden’s over the top doubt and drama and the book lost some of its charm and worked too hard.

Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t a bad story; there were moments I adored and I did like Dougie and Eden, I just didn’t love their story as much as the couples in the previous books. This story was supposed to be magical, but it seemed a little far-fetched as opposed to magical. There were also some passionate moments with some explicit scenes that I was not expecting. There was some laugh-out-loud humour courtesy of Eden’s dad, Finn, and the family relationships that helped each other get over some difficult situations were also present. Bella and Issac have a few moments of angst as well, but they were finally married in a beautiful ceremony. Overall this has been an enjoyable series with a great bunch of characters that I enjoyed, unfortunately, it did not end with the best story of the three. I will still continue to read Holly Martin’s stories as they always leave me with a good feeling upon finishing.

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Christmas in Eternity Springs (Eternity Springs #12) by Emily March

Christmas in Eternity Springs (Eternity Springs #12)5 Stars

Published October 4th 2016 by St. Martin’s Paperbacks

I have been visiting Eternity Springs via Emily March’s series off and on for the past year. Christmas in Eternity Springs was a delight. I love Christmas stories, but with the romance, community and in this one a young boy with a Christmas phobia, I will not miss another Christmas story in this series.

Claire Branham has relocated to Eternity Springs and opened a Christmas Shop. The residents are not aware of her past tragedies. She had finally gotten over her family tragedy that occurred on a Christmas in her past, and was full of the Christmas Spirit, when she discovered a horrible betrayal that shattered her heart, causing her to lose Christmas all over again. Little did she know that Eternity Springs is a magical place, and it’s her turn to see and feel that magic for herself. Jax is a single father trying to help his son, Nicholas, recover from a traumatic accident. He also found his way to Eternity Springs, where he meets, Claire, aka- ‘Miss Christmas’. After a brief conversation, the two recognize they are kindred spirits, both trying to deal with life’s cruel events, so they challenge each other to write down one positive thing each day, and soon find themselves cheering each other up and becoming friends. Together Claire, Nicholas and Jax all help each other to heal and find Christmas again.

I really enjoyed this story. I loved Nicholas, and the way his honest openness brought Jax and Claire together. Emily March did a beautiful job with the pacing of this story, adding in the magical magic of Eternity Springs. The slow, realistic relationship of Jax and Claire falling in love while being careful to protect Nicholas and their own hearts. Just when I thought the story was wrapping up nicely, there was a stunning twist, that changed the course of the story and had me sitting on the edge of my seat. I loved the character of Jax, as a father and a man who stands up and proves what he’s made of. He stepped back and realized that he was wrong and fought for the woman he loved, showing her how love can heal the pain and heartache of the past. This is a great addition to the Eternity Springs series, showing how magic, love and angels can heal the heart and spirit. If you like a romance with a little magic, some angst and a happy ever after, pick this one up and enjoy a Christmas Romance.

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The Rancher’s Twins (Return of the Blackwell Brothers #1) by Carol Ross

400311945 Stars

Published August 1st 2018 by Harlequin Heartwarming

This book is the first in the Heartwarming series of Return of the Blackwell Brothers, it fits this group perfectly. Lydia is in hiding, and when her friend and lawyer, Tanner finds her the perfect place, a ranch in Montana where she can work as a nanny, she heads off. Lydia loves children, but 5 year old twins were not what she was expecting. She has to make this new career move work so that her ex-boss/ex-boyfriend doesn’t find her. On the other hand, Jon, her new boss, isn’t so sure Lydia is the right candidate for the job though. He doesn’t want a city-girl to look after his children. He thinks Lydia will be too high maintenance and would leave as soon as possible. Can Lydia convince Jon she’s the right woman for the job? Can she get Jon to lighten up and give life in their community a chance? What will happen when Lydia’s past comes calling?

Lydia feels at home at Jon’s ranch. She does everything he asks of her and more. Lydia has a lot of work experience, gained at a large variety of useful jobs, and she’s perfectly at ease managing Jon’s household. The twins have a reputation, they made things difficult for the last few people who looked after them, but Lydia knows exactly what to do to make them feel loved and secure. Is she the best thing that could have happened to Jon and his daughters? What will happen when Lydia’s past catches up with her, will she lose everything she’s come to hold dear?

The Rancher’s Twins is a wonderful romantic story. Lydia is one of the kindest people I have read about lately. She is capable and smart, a great cook, can sew and is just a Jack of all Trades when it comes to taking care of a home and children. She doesn’t know how charming she is and that’s a quality that makes her endearing. Jon is difficult to read at first, he’s grumpy most of the time when Lydia is around, but he has his reasons. Lydia put in a lot of effort to win him over, yet it was not to romance him, it was to keep her job. They have plenty of chemistry and it’s clear from the start they would be perfect together, but there are many obstacles to overcome. And then, there are the twins. They have a reputation of being wild, and had been referred to as animals by others, but they are really cute and reading about them made me smile and even laugh out loud. I loved their dialogue. Lydia connects with them straight away and I kept hoping she’d find her place at the farm. Without realizing it, she falls in love with those little girls and is ready to go Mama Bear on anyone who speaks about or treats them with disdain. Discovering if she would be able to solve her problems kept me glued to the pages.

I loved Carol Ross’ writing style. I loved how she makes the characters come to life. I wanted to be there in that Montana town and become friends with the characters. Her descriptions of the town and ranch are amazing, and I could easily picture every single detail. The Rancher’s Twins is a sweet story with just enough angst and mystery to make you cheer for the characters to overcome and find love. I highly recommend this captivating book and am looking forward to the next Return of the Blackwell Brothers book. The author generously provided me with a copy of this book at my request. The rating, ideas and opinions shared are my own.

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