Easter Hair Hunt (Bad Hair Day Mystery #16) by Nancy J. Cohen

Published March 10th 2020 by Orange Grove Press

4.5 Stars:

I am a fan of The Bad Hair Day Mysteries and was quite happy when this story proved to be another great addition to the series. Nancy Cohen did a lot of research into collectibles in order to write this book and make it believable and realistic. The plot of this story was so interesting and even though I guessed some of what was going on, I was invested in the story to figure out all the details. The characters were varied and even the secondary ones were well developed. I love how much Marla has grown and changed throughout this series. Her relationship with Dalton and his daughter, Brianna is also very realistic which has me caring about the characters.

This story has some changes going on in Marla’s life. She is seven months pregnant and her mother is getting married and moving away. This has Marla concerned, and taking care while doing her investigating. I love that she does not put herself in danger, but always keeps Dalton, not only her husband, but Police detective, apprised of whatever she is doing. Of course, Marla discovers the dead body and the disappearance of her friend at the beginning of the book, which is reason enough for her to investigate. Because she uses Dalton as her reason for investigating, people seem to open up to her and answer questions. While reading this book, I learned something about Faberge eggs, Stamp Collecting and even swords and weapons. All was very interesting. When the conclusion came, some was expected and some was not, so overall, I was very satisfied with the ending. If you have not read any books from this series, I recommend you do. I have not read them all, so can say you don’t have to read them in order, but I have been going back and picking them up here and there and have had no problems. Each mystery is self-contained and well written. I definitely recommend them to mystery lovers.

About the Book, From Goodreads: When hairstylist Marla Vail attends an Easter egg hunt at historic Tremayne Manor, she’s only there to fix hair for a client, Bonnie “Blinky” Morris. But when she’s asked to comb the grounds for leftover goodies, Marla discovers more than just a few dyed eggs. The dead body in the bunny costume is definitely not having a good hare day. And Blinky seems to have disappeared down a rabbit hole.

When trying to solve a murder, everyone needs a friend who’s all ears. For Marla, that’s her husband, homicide detective Dalton Vail. They make an eggcellent team. Dalton isn’t the kind to leap to conclusions, but with his wife seven months pregnant, and knowing Marla finds crime-solving to be irresistible, he worries about her running off on another hare-raising adventure.

Marla’s peeps are hoping for a happy ending, but she may have found a basketful of trouble this time. Can she crack the case before Blinky becomes the next victim? Recipes Included!