Goodreads: I set my goal at 300 books and have read over 600, so DONE. (many of these were picture books so it is not as many as it appears.

A To Z Book Title Challenge: Woo Hoo, Done

PopSugar Challenge: There are 40 Regular Prompts and 10 Advanced. At this point I have satisfied 45/50. My goal for this year was 40/50, so technically I reached it, but it would have been wonderful to get all 50. DONE

BookBloggers Fiction Reading Challenge #FFRC2020 hosted by Fictionophile: There were 8 prompts and I completed them all by mid October. DONE

2020 Nonfiction Reader Challenge hosted by Book’d Out: My goal was Nonfiction Nibbler. Read 6 books, from any category. I set a personal goal of 12 books in at least 3 different categories. So, I did achieve Nibbler status having read 8 Nonfiction books in 5 categories. Of course, if I add in the children’s non-fiction that I have read, then I read way more than 12. Technically DONE

2020 While I Was Reading Challenge hosted by Ramona Mead. There were 12 prompts and I completed all 12. DONE

What’s In a Name Challenge 2020 hosted by Carolina Book Nook.: There are only 6 prompts, and I have completed all of them. DONE

2020 Finishing The Series Reading Challenge hosted by Celebrity Readers: This is the one I did not do very well in. There were 5 series I wanted to finish for a total of 22 books. Well, I finished 2 series for a total of 5 books. I did read 2 others from one of the series I wanted to finish, but overall, this was an EPIC FAIL!

I did some seasonal challenges throughout the year which added some fun and I was quite successful at those. Overall I am satisfied with how I did this year, but will be changing it up for 2021.