Two thrillers that I listened to way into the night. Both of these books were good reads, but Don’t Look For Me was exceptional. I listened to the audiobooks of each of them, available from my library.

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One by One by Ruth Ware, Narrated by Imogen Church

Published September 8th 2020 by Simon & Schuster, Simon & Schuster Audio

3.5 Stars: 

This is a atmospheric and suspenseful read by one of my favourite suspense authors, Ruth Ware. This is a locked door mystery that had me guessing at every turn. When a group of people on a corporate retreat are staying at a lodge in the mountains. There is a lot to deal with, an avalanche, a snow storm, a missing person and murder. Who is the murderer? Who will be next?

The setting of this story is another character. It adds so much to the sinister, atmosphere. There are so many secrets, emotions and hidden feelings that I was never completely sure what was happening and who was responsible. I liked the dual narrative from the POV of one of the guests and one of the employees. It also kept me guessing, but at times it became repetitive. I liked how the short chapters helped to build the suspense as well. There were a lot of characters in this story, so there was a bit of confusion, but as they were killed off, it became easier to keep track. My biggest niggle was the ending. I felt is was a bit rushed and contrived considering all the build up. This was not my favourite Ruth Ware book, but it was still a fun, entertaining read on a snowy day. This book was narrated by one of my favourite performers, Imogen Church. I was very pleased with the narration, her expression and tone were right on point.

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Don’t Look For Me by Wendy Walker, Narrated by Therese Plummer

Published September 9th 2020 by Macmillan Audio, September 15th 2020 by St. Martin’s Press

5 Stars: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

This was one amazing psychological thriller. Wendy Walker is becoming one of my favourite, don’t miss authors. This was a well-plotted psychological thriller that I raced through. Every time I thought I had things figured out, I changed my mind. When Molly Harper disappeared, the search didn’t last very long. The police figured she had walked away from an unhappy life, and finding a note that implies just that doesn’t help. Her youngest daughter is dead and it was her fault, her husband hardly talks to her and is often not home at all, her son doesn’t want to be embarrassed by her and her other daughter and her are constantly arguing and fighting, what reason did she have to stay? The story opens with Molly driving home from her son’s football game and running out of gas. There is a storm raging, so the gas station is closed. A man and his daughter offer her a ride to town and she accepts. She is not seen again and her car is found on the side of the road. Where is Molly?

The story is told from both Molly’s and her daughter Nic’s point of views. Nic does not give up on her mother and follows up on every lead possible. She knows her mother would not walk away from her family. I don’t want to give away the plot of this story, but I will say that the girl in the truck has a lot to do with Molly’s disappearance and what happens to her after that. This book is creepy, atmospheric, suspenseful and scary. Everyone is a suspect as you don’t find out who the culprit is until the very end. If you enjoy suspenseful read and thrillers, then pick this one up, I am sure you will love it. The audiobook was narrated by Therese Plummer. This is another of my favourite voice performers and once again did an amazing job with this story. I definitely recommend any audiobooks she narrates.