44160627. sx318 Unforgettable You (#5 Silver Springs Series) by Brenda Novak, Veronica Worthington (Narrator)

Published February 26th 2019 by Harlequin Audio, Mira Books

4.5 Stars: 

I read the next book in this series before this one, but wanted to find out the full story behind Maddox and Jada’s relationship. I recommend reading this series in order though, reading the next one definitely spoiled a lot of the surprises for me in this book. Having said that, I am glad I read this one. I enjoyed the characters and relationship development of Jada and Maddox. Both of these characters were damaged by an incident from their past and they were forced to abandon the relationship they were developing. They both moved away from Silver Springs to begin new lives, but were drawn back for different reasons. Jada returned when her father died and she was needed to help her mother, Maddox came back for job, neither knew the other had returned. Jada, has a twelve year old daughter, which everyone assumes is from her ex-husband, but family and one close friend know the truth. Will Jada finally tell Maddox he is a father? Will the truth destroy the mother-daughter relationship? Can forgiveness mend relationships?

I enjoyed this contemporary romance with a happily ever after. The trope of hidden paternity can be frustrating and seem selfish, but as we learn about the tragic accident that occured thirteen years earlier and the fallout, Brenda Novak had me understanding Jada’s decision and feeling bad for her, Maddox and her daughter Maya. They have all missed out on so much. I loved the characters in this story as they were all trying to do what they thought was best and were trying hard to forgive and move forward, all except Susan Brooks, Jada’s mother. She was stuck, mean, bitter and totally unwilling to forgive. She refused to listen to anyone and I did not like her one bit. No wonder Jada’s brother has also wallowed in self-pity for years and made no attempt to move forward in his life until Jada returns and gives him the push he needs. The setting is wonderful, the school to give youth a second chance in life a great idea, the secondary characters interesting and the story well-written. Everything I look for in a contemporary romance story. There are a lot of issues within this story, such as drug use and addiction, dealing with handicaps, second chances in life, and forgiveness that make it real and relatable to many. I definitely recommend this one, in fact, I recommend this series. I will be going back and reading those I missed before reading any upcoming ones in this series.

I did a read/listen of this book and enjoyed it very much. The narrator, Veronica Worthington does a great job with this story. The pacing was excellent and her expression, intonation and tone were perfect. The voice she gave to the characters made many of them immediately recognizable. This is the second book I have listened to by this narrator, and it won’t be the last.

Synopsis: Jada Brooks couldn’t have known how her life would change when she fell for bad boy Maddox Richardson back in high school. She couldn’t have known his troubled brother would leave hers forever crippled. Or that she’d be forced to shun Maddox completely–only to discover she was carrying his child.

Although Maddox was devastated by the events that transpired that fateful night, losing Jada was the worst of it. He’s back in Silver Springs, ready to make amends and provide the kind of youth outreach that once saved him. If he’d known Jada was in town, too, he would never have come.

Jada has returned to Silver Springs to be with family after her father’s death. But when she sees Maddox, every tough decision she’s made concerning their now twelve-year-old daughter begins to haunt her. Falling for him again is so tempting, but not only does she stand to alienate her family–if he finds out about Maya, she could lose what matters most.