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Double Dip (Davis Way Crime Caper #2) by Gretchen Archer

Double Dip (Davis Way Crime Caper, #2)4.5 laughing Stars

Published January 28th 2014 by Henery Press

It’s Davis Way’s first slot-tournament season. And it may be her last. Stephanie Plum, Davis Way can sure give you a run for your money!

In this second book of the Davis Way Crime Capers, the story is never dull. Davis is still working undercover for the Casino as well as standing in for Bianca Sanders for public appearances. The story starts off with a bang when they hears shots and when reaching the Sanders’ offices, they find Bianca shot and bleeding. From there the adventure ratchets up. Davis and Bradley are still together and they move into an upscale new condo. While he is out of town, ex-ex-husband Eddie shows up and is staying at the condo while her sister redecorates and she stays at the Casino with her granny. When Bradley arrives back home unexpectantly, he sees Eddie and storms out. That is when Davis starts fainting at just about anything and constantly feels sick. While Davis, Fantasy and No-Hair (Jeremy) are trying to solve the newest problem at the casino, Davis is running a slots tournament pretending to be Bianca, she is trying to salvage her relationship with Bradley, help him as he is dealing with lawsuits and deal with problems from home.

The adventure and laughs never quit. I love Davis, she seems to step into one problem after another. She has a nose for clues and finding solutions, although not always legally. Her sidekick, Fantasy, keeps her in line and they play off one another quite nicely. No-Hair, puts up with their escapades as long as they get the job done. Another great addition to the Davis Way series. On to the next book. I definitely recommend this one to anyone who enjoys a humorous cozy.

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Hospitality and Homicide (A Tourist Trap Mystery #8) by Lynn Cahoon

Hospitality and Homicide (A Tourist Trap Mystery, #8)4.5 Stars

My Review: 

I enjoyed another visit to South Cover, California as well as to Coffee, Books and More. There is a lot going on, some planned and some not, such as the murder of one of the local Bed & Breakfast places in town. Once again, Jill is involved in the business group when she meets up with the newest business owner, Ian, who has opened a clock repair business. As well she hears some grumbling about Walter’s B&B not doing as well as he hoped. There is also an author in town to do an event and book signing as well as ride along with Greg, a detective and Jill’s boyfriend. When Walter ends up dead, trussed to a tree, Nate, the author is the first suspect. You see, this was the way he had written a murder in his upcoming book. Of course, Jill sticks her nose in where it doesn’t belong and puts herself in some danger. There is a side story going on where there is a missing boy and Esmerelda, the psychic, insists he is still alive.

I love how the characters lives are changing and progressing in this series. Jill and Greg are really heating up with a big decision in this book. Sasha is moving and leaving the store, putting Toby at odds. We will see what happens in the next book. Aunt Jackie and her beau seem to be happy and their relationship is going well. Emma, Jill’s dog also plays an important role in this story. Not only is she a great pet, but she has a great nose and protective instinct. Esmeralda, the quirky one, played a bigger role in this story with the missing boy. Even though it was a secondary story line, it was a nice addition and one I was interested in. All the great characters make you identify with the town and rounds out the story. It is more than just a mystery. I had a pretty good idea who the killer was, but it was interesting to discover why he decided to kill the B&B owner.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book. The pacing was great, the story line well developed, great characters and setting, a bit of romance, some light humor and a satisfying conclusion. A great book for any cozy mystery lover.

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The Fifth Letter

The Fifth Letterby Nicola Moriarty

Hardcover, 288 pages
Published January 24th 2017 by William Morrow
4 Stars

My Review: Joni, Deb, Trina & Eden have all been friends since the first day of high school. Joni brought the group together when the teacher made a comment about them all being born under the same sign. Joni actively sought each girl out and their group began. While growing up they were pretty much inseparable and shared everything as well as helping each other deal with things. In the book which is narrated by Joni, they are 30 and she is worried about them drifting apart. She has planned a girl’s weekend in a beach house. Because they have not shared their lives as much, with marriage and children happening, Joni suggests they each write a letter, not signed, sharing a secret. They will read the letters and offer solutions to the anonymous writer. This, Joni hopes, will rekindle the closeness they once felt. The letter sharing doesn’t go according to plan and when Joni finds a fifth letter that one of them wrote and tried to destroy, she embarks on a journey to determine who wrote the letter and would the person who wrote it follow through on what they put in it.

I enjoyed this book. The story flowed well and I rushed through it once I got about half way. It did start a bit slow, but got better as it went on. The story is told though flash backs and stories from their youth as well as what is going on in the present. The flashbacks help the reader to understand the friendship and personalities of the women. Of course, does anyone really know everyone’s secrets? I really wanted these women to work everything out as their friendship seemed so important to who they were, but as Joni says in the book, “Maybe you’re not suppose to stay friends with people from high school for so long after school. Maybe it just doesn’t work.” There were times that I really liked each character, and times where I didn’t. Joni seemed to be rather bullying and bossy at times, then you could see that this was a role foisted upon her by the others. Parts of this book were humorous, parts serious, and parts sad, which is exactly how life works. Throughout the story, I was constantly trying to figure out, who wrote that fifth letter. I recommend this book to anyone who likes women’s fiction, human drama with a bit of mystery to it.

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One Wish in Manhattan

One Wish in Manhattan by Mandy Baggotby Mandy Baggot

ebook, paperback 358 pages
Published October 2nd 2015 by Bookoutoure

Send in the Clowns (The Country Club Murders #4)

Send in the Clowns (The Country Club Murders #4)by Julie Mulhern

Kindle Edition, 238 pages
Published October 25th 2016 by Henery Press
4.5 Stars

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Buried in Beignets (Maggie Miller Mysteries #1)

Buried in Beignets (Maggie Miller Mysteries, #1)by J.R. Ripley, Glenn Meganck

Published December 1st 2015 by Severn House Publishers

3.5 stars

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Curious Minds (Knight and Moon #1)

Curious Minds (Knight and Moon, #1)by Janet Evanovich, Phoef Sutton

Published August 16th 2016 by Bantam Dell

4 Stars

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Facials Can Be Fatal (Bad Hair Day Mystery #13)

Facials Can Be Fatal (Bad Hair Day Mystery, #13)by Nancy J. Cohen

Expected publication: February 22nd 2017 by Five Star Publishing

4 Stars
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Eggnog Murder

Eggnog Murderby Leslie Meier, Lee Hollis, and Barbara Ross

Published October 25th 2016 by Kensington

4.5 Stars

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