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Saturday Morning for Kids: Books about Feelings and Emotions

Each of these books deals in some way with feelings and emotions. I read them over the last week with my granddaughter. Some she got the message right away, others not so much, but she did enjoy them all. Each of these books was an ebook provided by the publisher. The rating and the opinions shared are our own.

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Saturday Morning For Kids #BookReview

With schools closed, my granddaughter is here each day for virtual/online learning. We read a few books each day and I am so behind on highlighting and reviewing them. Enjoy this group of stories, all provided to me by the publisher through Netgalley. My granddaughters comments or reactions are included where appropriate. The rating and opinions shared are our own.

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Saturday Morning For Kids #BookReviews

This meme was started by Rae Longest at Powerful Women Readers. As I am a grandmother, who loves to read to her grandchildren, a mother who loved to read to and with her children, and a retired teacher librarian, this meme really attracted me. If you love children’s books, or have a favourite from your childhood, join us in introducing them to a new generation of readers.

This week I am reviewing a few books that I read to one or all of my grandchildren over the last few weeks. I have added their comments or reactions where possible. All of these books were provided through Netgalley upon request. The ratings and opinions shared are our own.

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Happy Publication Day: As The Stars Fall by Steve N. Lee #BookReview

Happy Publication Day to Steve N. Lee. Today As the Stars Fall is being published. If you enjoy books by W. Bruce Cameron (i.e. A Dog’s Purpose), you will love this one. And for now, it is only $0.99 on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

As The Stars Fall by Steve N. Lee

Published: August 25th 2020 by Blue Zoo

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Mini-Reviews of Children’s Picture Books

I have not posted reviews of children’s books for a long time because I have not seen my grandchildren to read them to. I like to include their comments or reactions to them in my reviews. Well, we finally had some time together, so I will be posted mini-reviews of the books we read over the last couple of weeks. All the books were provided by the publishers upon my request. The ratings, ideas and opinions shared are ours alone.

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Mile Marker 139 by Cynthia Hilston @rararesources @cynthiahilston

Mile Marker 139 by Cynthia Hilston

Published January 18th 2020

Genre: Literary fiction, Standalone Story

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The Love We Keep (Summer Island #3) Toni Blake, Ann Marie Gideon (Narrator)

The Love We Keep: Summer Island, Book 3The Love We Keep (Summer Island #3) Toni Blake, Ann Marie Gideon (Narrator)

Published January 28th 2020 by Harlequin Books & Harlequin Audio

5 Stars: 

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Brad was Sad by M.C. Goldrick @rararesources

Brad was Sad by M.C. Goldrick

Published October 1st 2019 by MotherButterfly Books

Genre: Children’s picture book about feelings.  (ages 3-7)

About the Book: Did Brad’s dad make him sad? Brad thought he had…until his dog, Plaid, proved he could choose his outlook & feel glad.

Kids learn best through stories. Empower your child to own their feelings with this beautifully illustrated picture book by award-winning author, M.C. Goldrick.

Brad’s dog Plaid shows him how to feel and deal with emotions. Though Brad is having a bad day, Plaid shows him that it’s in his power to choose his perspective and his feelings.

Brad goes through a variety of emotions in this book from sad, angry, grumpy and hurt feelings. He lets it make his day miserable and ends up angry at his dog, Plaid. After yelling at him, he makes him leave the room and shuts the door. After a few minutes, he opens the door and Plaid is there waiting for him, happily wagging his tail. What? Plaid isn’t sad anymore, why not?

This is a great book to teach children that it is okay to have these emotions, but just like Plaid, after awhile, try to move past the feeling to something else. This might be easy for many children, but some might need a plan to help them move forward and that is where adults can help them. I loved the illustrations. They showed the emotions of the characters quite well. The text is short and rhymes giving young children the opportunity to understand the story.

I read this to my 3 and 6 year old grandchildren. They both though Plaid was a cute dog and easily identified that he was sad when Brad yelled at him, of course they also said he shouldn’t have chewed up Brad’s bear. The younger one did not understand the message, but liked the story. My grandson and I had a little discussion about feelings. He has some anxiety and difficulty when he is upset or sad, so this is a great book to read and discuss with him. I think a few more readings and discussions, as well as working on a plan for him would be very beneficial. I think this would be a great book to use in primary classrooms as well. The concept that it is okay to be sad or upset is important to children and I think this would give teachers and parents the opportunity to share that message in a fun and positive way. I received a copy of this book from Rachel’s Random Resources upon request. The rating, ideas and opinions shared are my own.

Purchase Links: Amazon UK – Amazon US

About the Author: Award-winning author & mother of two, M.C. Goldrick sees feelings as our first language. Through her books she helps us identify and own our emotions. Her acclaimed Juvenile fiction series TIMEFLIES is an example of how stories can both enrich and entertain. She lives in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada with her family.

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About the Illustrator: Rebecca Alexander, mother of two now-grown-up boys, is an accomplished artist with a private gallery. Her work has been featured on Canada Post Christmas Cards & stamps. She lives in St.Catharines, Ontario, Canada.


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