I saw this challenge on We Live and Breath Books and it looked interesting. I am not doing Buzzwordathon or a couple of others that I did in the past, so decided I would give this a go. I need to find and read one book a month that contains one of the words listed. I am excited to give this a try. It is hosted by Kim and Tanya of girlxoxo. Check it out.


JAN – Crown, Girl, Whisper, Black, Heart, Guide, All, EverThe Girl in the Pink Shoes (Lucy Kendall #1) by Stacy Green (2023-01-23)

FEB – Please, Might, Return, Shy, Vanish, Book, Ash, Come – The Blackout Book Club by Amy Lynn Green 2023-02-28

MAR – Crimson, Beyond, Friend, Cry, Wait, Six, Run, Woods – A Guide to Being Just Friends by Sophie Sullivan

APR – Vicious, Ask, Wind, Found, Circle, Broken, Beneath, Drown

MAY – Dragon, Day, Chain, Another, Thousand, Begin, Stolen, And

JUN -Bridge, Everything, Blue, Why, First, Wild, Luck, Tomorrow

JUL – Final, Clock, This, Way, Poison, Summer, Future, Kiss

AUG – Dangerous, Again, Best, Chase, How, Flower, Date, Together

SEP – Sign, With, Just, Lies, Grace, Enough, Sleep, Name

OCT – Old, After, Take, Shadow, Monster, Haunt, Darkness, Of

NOV – Paris, Hidden, Sparrow, Realm, Two, Fair, Street, Say

DEC – Silver, Wish, Forgotten, Dance, Also, My, Fate, Dream