I’m a little late, but wanted to post my wrap up for this year’s Ho-Ho-Ho Readathon. I want to thank Kimberly over at Caffeinated Reviewer for putting this together each year.

I really enjoyed all the extra challenges this year. They included a scavenger hunt, a bingo game, puzzles, a wordsearch and a daily bookstagram post. Thanks to all the elves who also provided prizes to the winners of their activity.

I made up a list of what I hoped to read during these 12 days and did pretty well. I had hoped to read 4 books out of a possible list of 8. I actually read 7 of them and added 3 others based on the bingo challenge. Here’s what I read (although all my reviews are not yet posted):

Because I got sick partway through, I only posted the first week for Bookstagram, but completed all the other challenges. I did well with the bingo game, not finishing one of the books I had hoped to read. (I thought the challenge went two weeks and I had more time) but did well. @angels_gp

Although I didn’t win any prizes this year, and I was not an elf this year, I still had fun reading my Christmas stories and participating. I would love to have others join in next year for the 11th Annual Ho-Ho-Ho Readathon.