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This week’s Top Ten is Ten Cozy Reads, but I am going rogue today. Today is my birthday, I turned 65! I have a terrible cold and am looking for things to make me feel better today. So, my list is top ten things to make me feel cozy.

A warm drink. I have been drinking green tea with lemon and honey to soothe my throat, but in the winter a cup of cocoa, coffee with a shot of baileys, or chai latte all make me feel warm and cozy.

A fuzzy blanket. I have a couple of fuzzy blankets and quilts that I can snuggle up in to feel warm and cozy.

Sitting by the fireplace, with the blower going. I love a fire and a real one is amazing, but I make do with my gas fireplace with the blower going.

A sweet movie or TV show. I have been watching Hallmark Christmas movies lately, but any kind of sweet romance or series (Virgin River, Chesapeake Shores etc.) fit the bill of watching something cozy.

Snuggles from the grandkids. They gave me this cold, so I get to snuggle them, which I did on Sunday. Now that they are all in school, I don’t get enough snuggles, but they always make me feel warm and cozy.

Phonecalls from a friend. I love getting calls from friends, especially those that I don’t see very often. They always leave me with a warm feeling.

Christian Music. When I want to sit and listen to music, Youtube always comes through with some great Christian music to give me that feeling of love and warmth.

A good cozy book. Now cozy can meet a lot of things to different people. When I think of a cozy read I pick up a cozy mystery, or a sweet smalltown romance, or even a story of family reconciliation. All leave me with that warm, cozy feeling.

Snuggles from my granddoggies. I don’t get these near enough now, with Sherman living so far away. I do still see my other granddog, but he doesn’t really snuggle. He does bark and rub up against my leg to let me know he is happy to see me though.

Sunshine. Nothing makes me feel cozier than sitting in my morning room with the sun shining in the windows. Unfortunately, that is not happening today, but when it does, I will be ready.

So, that’s it for me today. Ten things that give me a cozy feeling. What makes you feel cozy?