Happy Book Birthday to Liz Eeles on the publishing of The Key to the Last House Before the Sea. This is the fourth book in the Heaven’s Cove series and I enjoyed it as much as all the others. Although this is the fourth book, it can be read as a standalone, but I highly recommend the whole series.

The Key to the Last House Before the Sea (Heaven’s Cove #4) by Liz Eeles

Published August 19, 2022 by Bookouture

Book Description: Tears trickling down her cheeks, she recognises her grandmother’s writing scrawled across the manila envelope. Inside is an engraved key that sits heavy in her hand. Will the tumbledown cottage be the start of a new life – or will it tear her life apart?

With her back to the sparkling sea, single mum Nessa stands in the doorway of the stone cottage her grandmother left behind. If she can just fix up the crumbling walls and make the empty hearth cosy again, it will be the perfect home for her little daughter Lily – and their only option if they want to stay in the village of Heaven’s Cove. But a rap on the door soon shatters her plans…

Although Gabriel Gantwich has a smile on his handsome face, the papers he’s clutching say his father’s company owns the house. They plan to knock it down, destroying Nessa’s last link to her family history – and Lily’s last hope for a home in Heaven’s Cove.

Reeling, Nessa is furious that an outsider could take away her child’s future. She has just thirty days to renovate the cottage – and prove it’s hers. As she and Gabriel clash over every detail, Nessa barely notices that even though they argue, their talks are fuelled by the same passion. And beneath his tough exterior, Gabriel appreciates the beauty of the sunset bathing the clifftop cottage in soft pink light as much as she does…

But one stormy night, Nessa gets a desperate phone call about Lily. Forced to choose between her family’s past and her daughter’s future, will she end up losing everything? Or will Gabriel finally realise what truly matters, and help Nessa make this beautiful place a home?

An absolutely stunning, heartbreaking and uplifting read that will sweep you away to the wild Devon coast. Perfect for anyone who loves Trisha Ashley, Debbie Macomber and Jean Grainger. This book can be enjoyed as a standalone.

4 Stars: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

I really enjoyed returning to Heaven’s Cove in Devon. Single mum Nessa grew up in Heaven’s Cove, living the last year with her grandmother. Her grandmother recently died and the landlord is selling the cottage. Not only is she without a home, but she lost her job when the store she worked at was closed when the owner retired and moved away. Nessa is now living at Driftwood House, a guesthouse run by her friend Rosie, but she knows she can’t stay there. When her grandmother’s landlord gives her a box of her grandmother’s belongings that had been left in the cottage, Nessa finds a couple of things that could change her life. He family had lived in a cottage on Sorrel Cove and although it is now a Ghost Village, one cottage is still standing. In the box is a key and lease agreement for that cottage. If she can live there for 30 days and nights, she will have the right to live there for many more years. She finds out that a developer has purchased the land and plans on leveling it and building luxury apartment buildings. Nessa can’t let them destroy the ghost village, so moves forward to renovate the cottage and make a home for herself and her five year old daughter Lily. Can she save the cottage? Will her and Lily find a place to call home?

I really enjoyed this story. Nessa is a mama bear. She will do whatever she needs to do to support her daughter, even if it means giving up something that is dear to her. The development company, sends the son of the owner, Gabriel, to check out the area, and he ends up staying at Driftwood House. Of course I figured out how this would all end, but what a story getting there. Lily is a delight and she is able to get Gabriel to loosen up and begin to question what is important in his life. Nessa seems to run into problems everywhere she turns from a deadbeat ex-husband, an ex-mother-in-law, Valerie, who dislikes Nessa and will do anything for Lily, but nothing for Nessa. A development company that wants to destroy her memories and a beautiful area where she finds peace and even her own feelings. Gabriel is conflicted. He dislikes his life in London, all her does is work, but he wants to be loyal to his father, so is caught between a rock and a hard place. The community is the one thing that supports Nessa, her friends and acquaintances are there for her, even when she doubts herself. The setting is wonderfully describes, beautiful and peaceful at times, spooky and atmospheric at others. If there really was a ghost village and Heaven’s Cove, it would be on my bucket list of places to visit. Themes of family expectations, blind loyalty, grief, single parent issues, developers and their destruction and community all play a part in this story, and of course, there is a sweet romance. I hope Liz Eeles is not finished with Heaven’s Cove and I would love to visit once again and see who else will get a HEA.

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About the Author: Liz began her writing career as a journalist for newspapers and magazines before moving into the health sector as a communications manager and press officer. The low point of her career was abandoning an interview with Cliff Richard after two questions because she was about to faint – her excuse is that she was newly pregnant at the time.

Liz is from Gloucestershire but now lives by the sea in West Sussex with her husband and grown-up daughter. She spends a lot of time meaning to meditate, avoiding exercise, and missing her son who lives in London.

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