For those of you who have been following my blog, you know I do enjoy a good, well written cozy mystery. These three definitely fit that bill. I love stories set in libraries or bookstores, so two of these also added that to the mix. I will warn you not to read No Parm No Foul on an empty stomach or you might find yourself scavenging through your fridge to make yourself an ooey, gooey grilled cheese sandwich.

The Tuesday Night Survivors’ Club Mystery (Survivors’ Book Club Mystery #1) by Lynn Cahoon

Published June 14th 2022 by Kensington Books, Lyrical Press

4 Stars: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

I love reading Lynn Cahoon’s cozy mystery series, so when I saw that she was starting a new one, I had to give this first book a read. Rarity Jones is a breast cancer society and credits her friends and books for getting her through her treatments. Now that she owns a bookstore, she wants to use it to help others. It is dedicated to healing such as Eastern medicine, Western medicine, the healing power of food, the power of meditation, and the importance of developing a support community. She has begun the Tuesday Night Survivors book club, with all members being either cancer survivors or dealing with cancer treatments. Things are going well, until one of their members goes missing. Martha was always the most private of their group, so it is going to be difficult to find clues as to her whereabouts.

I have been to Sedona, so I loved the magical setting with all that goes with it. Even with the background being characters with cancer, this is not a depressing book, but upbeat and typically cozy. I liked Rarity’s character, although not her name, as the protagonist and leader of the book club. She is a survivor, and is smart and independent. Her best friend Sam, owns the crystal store next to her shop and they have a great friendship. There are a couple of male possible romantic interests in Drew Anderson, a detective and Archer Ender, a trail leader. There are some quirky characters, such as Madame Zelda, a fortune teller. The mystery is interesting and very appropriate for the setting. There are a couple of suspects, several red herrings and a great showdown that brings everything together. This is a great start to a new series, by one of the “Queens of Cozy Mysteries”.

No Parm No Foul (Grilled Cheese Mysteries #2) by Linda Reilly 

Published July 26th 2022 by Poisoned Pen Press

5 Stars: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

This is the second book in this yummy, cozy mystery series about Carly Hale, her gourmet grilled cheese restaurant, Grilled Cheese Eatery, and Balsam Dell. When Suzanne, one of her employees has an accident and needs to take time off work, Carly is left in the lurch. Luckily for her, Grant has come on full time after quitting his job at the sub shop. Carly is going up against Ferris Menard, the owner of Sub-a-Dub Sub Shop in the Hallowe’en Food Contest, so he is furious that she poached his employee. He storms into her shop verbally abusing her, and embarrassing both Carly and his daughter Holly. Two days later at the competition, the ballots are questioned and the vote left up in the air. Who won the competition? The next morning, Holly finds Ferris dead in the sub shop with a footprint on his back, his heart medication on the floor just out of reach and a steak knife in his body. When Carly’s beau, Ari, becomes the main suspect, she shifts into investigator mode to solve the crime and free Ari of suspicion.

I really enjoyed this cozy mystery with all it’s talk of food, murder and friendship. The characters are wonderful in this story and there is a great mix of personal life and mystery. Evelyn Fitch, an elderly retired teacher was a great addition to this story. She was a regular customer, but was around much more this time around. She wrote daily poems to Carly praising her food and restaurant, that turn out to be clues to the murder. She is a sweet lady, who I hope will be around in other books. As the investigation unfolds, there are many suspects, several red herrings and clues that only point to the culprit when they are all put together. The mystery is well written and the plot moved along at a great pace. I am enjoying how Carly’s and Ari’s relationship is moving forward, and how they are always there to support one another. Grant’s storyline with his father is further explored in this book and I look forward to seeing how it plays out in future installments in the series. No Parm No Foul is a fun, entertaining story with some great recipes at the end. I definitely recommend you read this book when you aren’t hungry, but definitely pick this one up. I need to try the recipes included in these books, yum.

A Murder Between the Pages (Main Street Book Club Mysteries #2) by Amy Lillard

Published December 24th 2020 by Poisoned Pen Press

3.5 Stars:

In this second book in the Main Street Book Club Mysteries, Arlo Stanley’s Friday Night Book Club ladies are all geared up to solve a cold case. The book they are reading, Missing Girl, had them convinced that it is about the disappearance of Mary Kennedy, a 50 year old case set in Sugar Springs, Mississippi. Arlo tried to get the ladies to back off, but nothing is going to stop them from investigating and solving the case. When a present day murder occurs in the same location where Mary disappeared, they are even more convinced. Are Haley’s and Mary’s murders connected? The ladies sure think they are.

I really enjoy this older group of women and their tenacity and investigation skills, but they can’t do it alone, Arlo has to help, or is she keeping them in line. The ladies are her friends and she cares for all of them, wanting to keep them safe. Chloe is Arlo’s friend and works in her shop. She is a single mom, who’s son lives with her parents. I like the relationships in this story, they make the characters real. There were a lot of characters in this story which made it a bit difficult to keep them all straight, which took away from my enjoyment somewhat. There were a lot of suspects and red herrings which made it hard to figure out who the culprit was. With two cases 50 years apart, there was a lot happening. Did the ladies solve these two mysteries? How were they connected, or were they connected? You will have to pick this one up to get the answers to those questions. This is the second book in the series, but there is enough background shared that it can be read as a standalone.