Books seven and eight for Christmas in July were both Christian Fiction, one an Amish Romance, one Romantic Suspense. Although they were both set at Christmas, there wasn’t much more than that fitting the Christmas story theme.

An Amish Holiday Courtship (Hickory Grove #4) by Emma Miller 

Published December 1st 2020 by Love Inspired

4 Stars: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

An Amish Holiday Courtship is the 4th book in the Hickory Grove series, but I had no trouble enjoying this romance without reading the previous stories. Ginger Stutzman is an extremely attractive woman who has been walking out with several different Amish men, trying to decide who she wants to spend her life with. She has her sights set on the new Amish bachelor in town, Joe, but her family are not happy about that. Eli Kutz is a widower several years her senior. When the woman who has been his nanny moves to another district to get married, he asks Ginger if she would like to become his nanny. She continues to pursue Joe, but finds herself enjoying Eli’s and his children’s company more every day. As Christmas gets closer, Ginger begins planning family activities and looking forward to spending time with Eli and his family. Will romance be a Christmas present for Eli and Ginger this season?

This was an enjoyable Amish romance, although I wasn’t crazy about Ginger at the beginning of the book. She seemed a bit stuck on herself at the beginning and couldn’t understand how Joe wasn’t falling all over her. She was also blind to Joe’s behaviour and attitude, and made excuses for him. Eli, I loved. He was such a great father to his four children and tried hard to do all he could to make things easier on Ginger. I was glad that Ginger changed as the story went forward and she became nicer and more caring toward others. I liked the slow developing romance, as well as the angst and roadblocks they had to get over to come together in the end. I loved Ginger’s family and her mother’s interference does save the day. Of course whenever there are children in a book, I find they are my favourite characters and always make me smile. This is a sweet Christmas romance, a bit predictable, but enjoyable all the same.

Christmas Vendetta (Emergency Responders Book 4) by Valerie Hansen

Published November 30th 2021 by Love Inspired Suspense

3 Stars: ⭐⭐⭐

Sandy Lynn Forrester and Clay Danforth were friends as teenagers, but there was nothing beyond that although they had feelings toward one another. Clay joined the AirForce and Sandy Lynn got married. Her marriage was not a good one and her husband was violent and abusive. She pressed charges and he ended up in prison. Fast forward to the present, and Sandy Lynn is living with a friend, Enid. There place is broken into and Enid is violently attached. Sandy Lynn tries to stop the attack and becomes the next target. Clay just happens to be their neighbour and he comes to the rescue. The attacker takes off, but Enid is severely injured. It soon becomes apparent that Sandy Lynn was the intended victim and she is sure it is her ex-husband, Charles, either escaped or let out of prison. She and Clay go on the run to try and prove who is after her. Clay is a disgraced police officer, who left the force after being falsely accused of selling drugs, so that is a secondary storyline. As they spend more time together, their feelings from the past begin to resurface. Will their Christmas end up a celebration or a disaster.

Christmas Vendetta is the 4th book in the Emergency Responders romantic suspense series. I did not read the previous books, but each story is a standalone. I really liked the characters in this story and was rooting for them to figure out what was really going on, as well as for them to figure out that they have feelings for each other. There was action and the story was fast paced, but being a relatively quick read, the characters could have been more developed. The obstacles facing Clay and Sandy Lynn were scary at times, but I loved how Clay stuck around to keep her safe. Sandy Lynn’s biggest hurdle is the inability to trust a man after her abusive relationship. Clay was caring and did not push her, but was there when she needed him. Although the book is set at Christmas, there is not much more than that as far as a holiday book goes. A predictable story with a twist, that wraps up neatly at the end.