I am 18 days into Christmas in July and have posted 6 reviews out of the ten I want to read. I have actually read one more, but my review isn’t posted yet.

Snowflakes and Cinnamon Swirls at the Winter Wonderland (Wynbridge #6) by Heidi Swain, Karen Cass (Narrator)

Published November 1st 2018 by Simon & Schuster Audio UK

5 Stars: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Although Snowflakes and Cinnamon Swirls at the Winter Wonderland is the 6th book in the Wynbridge series, I read it as a standalone and enjoyed the story just fine. This is the story of Hayley and Gabe. Hayley is the housekeeper at Wynthrope Hall. She has called off her engagement after her fiancé fooled around with another woman in the washroom at their engagement party. She wants to get away from all the gossip, so when Angus offers her the opportunity to move into Wynthorpe, she agrees. At the same time, there is another new arrival. Gabe is a friend of the Connelly’s son Jamie, and has taken up residence in the Gatekeeper’s Cottage, as the new Outdoor Activities manager. It doesn’t take long for everyone to be caught up in Angus’ new plan. He wants to host their first ever Winter Wonderland as part of the festive activities in Wynbridge. It doesn’t take long for some chemistry to develop between Hayley and Gabe, but Gabe is hiding something and Hayley can’t get through the wall he has built around himself. With Christmas Magic, and Starry Skies, will Gabe and Hayley open themselves up to love again?

This is my first visit to Wynbridge and I loved the characters, the way they are like a huge family, caring for one another. Hayley’s situation broke my heart. How someone could do that to someone they supposedly loved is hard to fathom. I was happy that her friends step up to take care of things. Hayley is also treated poorly by her parents, to it was great to see Caroline and Angus step up to help her out and embrace her as part of their family. Gabe is the newest addition to Wynthorpe and he is a handsome devil, a hard worker, Jamie’s friends and a man with secrets. We do find out what it is and I felt terrible for him. My emotions were all over the place when reading this story. The characters are wonderful and very well developed. I couldn’t help but root for Hayley and Gabe to get together. There is much more to this story then romance. It has heartbreak, new beginnings, moving on, friendship, family issues, drama and angst, laughs and a huge dose of Christmas Cheer. I will definitely be reading more in the Wynbridge series. Karen Cass narrates this story and besides me having to get used to her accent, I enjoyed her performance.

Bells are Ringing (Christmas In Evergreen #4) by Lacey Baker, Kathleen McInerney (Narrator)

Published November 2nd 2021 by Hallmark Publishing

3.5 Stars:

Bells are Ringing is the 4th book in the Christmas in Evergreen series with the previous books having been written by Nancy Naigle. Bells are Ringing was a new author, but references were made to the previous books which gave this one a great connection. A close-knit community of Evergreen, Vermont is a close knit community, also known as Christmas village. It is a tourist town, especially at Christmas with with its quaint small shops, restaurants, a Christmas tree farm and the famous wish upon snowglobe. In a previous story, Hannah dropped and broke the snowglobe, but with the help of Elliot it has been repaired. Elliot and Hannah have been friends since childhood and they are now dating. They also run her parent’s shop. She is happy, but wants to leave her mark, so she volunteers to take the reins of the Christmas Museum. This, along with helping with the Christmas choir has Hannah in over her head and she doesn’t seem to have time for much else, including Elliot. Meanwhile, Elliot also wants something of his own and is looking to open a new store in the city, and he wants Hannah to go with him. Can these two decide what is really important in life?

I enjoyed this sweet Christmas story. I like all the Christmas trappings and customs in Evergreen. There is a side story involving one of the owner’s of the hat factory that the town plans to use for the museum, but the main story is Hannah and Elliot. Will they figure out that they have everything they need and Putting their mark on something isn’t more important than love? I liked both of the main characters. Hannah is sweet, maybe too sweet sometimes and perhaps learning to say no would benefit her. Elliot is a woman’s dream. He is patient, caring, understanding and romantic. This is a predictable story with a bit of angst, and Christmas magic. Just what I am looking for in a sweet Christmas read. The audiobook was narrated by Kathleen McInerney, one of my favored performers. This made this story just a bit better to listen to.