My goal for Christmas in July 2022 is ten books. The first week found me finishing the first two, so I will need to pick it up a notch.

Finding a Christmas Home (Rescue Haven #3) by Lee Tobin McClain

Published September 28th 2021 by Love Inspired

4 Stars: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Finding a Christmas Home is the third book in the Rescue Haven series, but it can be read as a standalone story. Hannah Antonicelli’s sister died of a drug overdose. She never told anyone, except Hannah who the father of her twins was, and made her promise not to tell anyone else. When she died, Hannah became their legal guardian. They are living with her mom, and Hannah is working part time training dogs. When her neighbour’s son, Luke, moves back home to take care of his father, Hannah is in trouble. Not only is she attracted to him, but he is the girl’s uncle. As they begin to mean more to each other, and he is amazing with the girls, how can she keep her sister’s secret any longer?

This was a sweet and uplifting story that I really enjoyed. I really liked Luke. He was a “bad boy” who has struggled to clean up his act. He lived in a home while he recovered from his alcohol addiction and found God. He moved home to take care of his dad, even though he knew his reputation preceded him and he would not be accepted easily. He was absolutely adorable when he was with the girls and I couldn’t wait until he found out they were his nieces. Hannah was stuck between a rock and a hard place and the author did a great job realistically writing that part of the story. Luke’s dad was unlikable at first, but he grew on me as he mellowed and changed. There has to be some angst in a romance, and there is some here. As usual the kids steal the show, and they were so adorable. Although Christmas is in the title of this book, besides being set at Christmas, it is not really a Christmas story. This is a clean, uplifting romance with a Christian undertone. I recommend this one to those who enjoy a heartwarming, faith based romance.

Christmas at Frozen Falls by Kiley Dunbar

Published September 4th 2019 by Hera

4 Stars: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Christmas at Frozen Falls is a romance, a second chance story, and a bit of an armchair travel story all rolled into one. Sylvie Magnusson should be going on her honeymoon over the Christmas holidays, but her fiancé called off the wedding. She originally planned to go without him, but just couldn’t do it. Instead, her friend Nari and her head off to Lapland to see the Northern Lights and celebrate the holidays near the North Pole. This reminds her of her University boyfriend, Stellan Virtanen, who was visiting and she fell head over heels. He disappeared and broke her heart, so imagine her surprise when she comes face to face with him at the resort she is staying at, his resort. There is still some feeling there and it doesn’t take long for those feelings to rekindle. Meanwhile Nari, also meets someone who she becomes attracted to. Before you know it, neither woman wants to leave, but their time in Lapland comes to an end. What will they do?

I really liked Sylvie and felt bad for her. She was trying to deal with heartbreak, but her friends wanted to help her to get back to living. It was a fluke that she ended up at Stellan’s resort, but it is a good coincidence for both of them. I enjoyed the various activities and learning a bit about the area. Stellan has a lot of baggage based upon expectations of his parents and he projected that onto Sylvie when they were young. This was a lovely escape romance with a wonderful winter setting, adorable husky puppies, reindeer and even an ice restaurant. With a double romance there was a lot to smile about. I would love to spend my Christmas holidays in Lapland, even though I don’t like the cold, a once in a lifetime thing. A great story to read by the fire, or in my case, Christmas in July. I recommend this one if you enjoy an uplifting holiday romance with a unique setting and great characters.