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This Week’s Top Ten: Top Ten Bookish Characters

Originally, I thought of my favourite characters, then I realized bookish meant librarian, author, editor, bookstore owner etc. and realized many of us would include the same characters. I decided to go with a twist and include ten characters from books I have read that I would want to be friends with.

Lisa Robinson in the Riverbend series is such a great lady. She is a mom and wife that loves her children unconditionally. She is not afraid to admit when she is wrong. She is also a volunteer in her community. She is someone I would love to be friends with and spend time gabbing with.

Audrey from The Kitchen Front is a character that I loved. She was a young widow with several children who has to figure out how to support them. She is a hard worker, smart, talented and caring. With all she is up against, she still helps others. A woman I would be proud to call a friend.

Mary Rhoades is a character in the Off Season series by Lee Tobin McClain. She is a widow who lost her only child very young. She also owns the local bookstore and does an amazing job recommending books. Mary purchased a small cottage and had it renovated. It is now Hero’s Cottage or Victory Cottage where wounded persons (physically, emotionally or mentally) are allowed to stay free of charge while they heal. The only stipulation is that they must do some kind of volunteer work. Another lady I would love to call a friend.

Sassy, sarcastic Delta from One Night on the Island. She was so much fun. I loved her outlook on life. She was also a lonely young woman who hid a lot of her baggage in order to support others. Although she and her mom had a prickly relationship, they loved each other. I loved how resilient she was and was not afraid to stand up for herself and her baby. I would love to meet her and spend time in the coffee shop on Sanctuary.

I am cheating here and listing two characters. I would love to be friends with Val and Connie from The Year of Mr. Maybes by Judy Leigh. These two single ladies over the age of 60 were so much fun. Had they had sad things happen to them? Yes, but they continue to live. They were so caring of others and their community as well as knowing how to have fun. Connie shares the community with Val and Val brings Connie out of her single life to realize she can love someone else after being widowed. Both wonderful women, I would love to meet and become friends with.

I absolutely Aunt Ginny from the Poppy McAllister series. I would have to take her in small doses, but that woman makes me laugh. She is completely unapologetic, speaks her mind, does what she wants and everyone still loves her. She is the character I would want to have around when I am down in the dumps.

Miss Charlotte Pettifer from The League of Gentlewomen Witches is my kind of gal. First, she has powers, so what’s not too like. She is also smart, witty, talented and so much fun. I want to go with her on her next adventure. A handsome pirate companion with a flying house would be a bonus.

I would love to meet and have coffee with Kitty Underhay from the Miss Underhay series by Helena Dixon. Kitty is friends/fiancee with Captain Matthew Bryant. She is not the traditional lady of the time, she learns to drive, tracks down her mother’s killer, helps the police solve crimes, runs her granmother’s hotel and still has time to spend with her friends. I would love to sit and hear her stories. A brave, smart woman, I would love to be friends with.

My last selection is Rose from The Brilliant Life of Eudora Honeysett. Although she is only ten, she is an amazing character I would love to spend time with. I can be a bit of an old fogey at times and with Rose’s exuberance, humour, real person I know she would change my outlook when I need it. She is one of the most generous, caring characters I have read about lately and would love to meet her and spend time with her.

There you have it, 10 characters from books that I would love to meet and/or be friends with: Lisa Robinson, Audrey, Mary Rhoades, Delta, Val, Connie, Aunt Ginny, Miss Charlotte Pettifer, Kitty Underhay and Rose.

Have you come across any of these characters? Would you want to meet them? What characters would you want to be friends with from the books you have read?