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I read a lot, I mean a lot, so don’t often come across a new author often, at least that is what I thought. I did have a lot of debut authors, but didn’t include them in this post. As I was getting up to around 20, I decided to only select ones who have a longer backlist or that I rated 5 stars. Then I decided to make sure I included authors from the various genres I read. This was a more difficult post than I thought when I began to put it together. So, are these the only new to me authors? Absolutely not! Are these my top ten? Not necessarily as I did not peruse my whole year’s list. Are these new to me authors I would recommend? Most definitely!

Everything We Didn't Say Nicole Baart

Everything We Didn’t Say by Nicole Baart (Wow, this was a great book that was realistic, relatable and emotional – Family Drama)

The Post Box at the North Pole Jaimie Admans

The Post Box at the North Pole by Jaimie Admans (Many people recommended Jaimie Admans to me. She has quite a backlist that I will be checking out after reading The Post Box at the North Pole – Romance)

The Word Is Murder (Hawthorne and Horowitz Mystery, #1) The Sentence is Death (Hawthorne and Horowitz Mystery, #2) A Line To Kill (Hawthorne and Horowitz Mystery, #3) Anthony Horowitz

First 3 Book in Hawthorne and Horowitz series by Anthony Horowitz (So many people read and loved Anthony Horowitz. With these being a relatively new series and with only 3 books, I decided to give it a go. I loved it and recommend it. – Mystery, Humor)

One Left Alive (Detective Morgan Brookes, #1) Find the Girl (Det. Morgan Brookes, #5)

Detective Morgan Brookes series by Helen Phifer (I jumped into this series at #3, and enjoyed it so much, that I went back and read the rest of them. The ones pictured above are #1 & #5 – Police Procedural)

Mistletoe Inn Silver Bells Jacquie Biggar

Mistletoe Inn & Silver Bells by Jacquie Biggar (Jacquie has a large backlist that I want to get to. I enjoyed these two novellas while reading Christmas stories and look forward to reading more of her books – Romance)

Duke, Actually Jenny Holiday

Duke Actually by Jenny Holiday (This was a wonderful wintery story about a royal marrying a commoner, a perfect Hallmark movie that many people recommended to me – Holiday Romance)

Not Without My Sister A Light in the Window (Margarete's Journey #1) From the Dark We Rise (Margarete's Journey #2) Marion Kummerow

Not Without My Sister, A Light in the Window, From the Dark We Rise by Marion Kummerow (I read all 3 of these heartbreaking, yet hopeful WWII stories 2021 – Historical Fiction)

A Life Without Water (A Life Without #1) The Restarting Point (Chammont Point #1) Marci Bolden Books | List of Books by Marci Bolden | Barnes & Noble®

A Life Without Water, The Restarting Point by Marci Bolden (I discovered Marci Bolden when a book from her backlist showed up on Netgalley. Although I have only read 2 so far, she is an author I will definitely read more of. Her books are dramatic, women’s fiction that are emotional but also uplifting stories of friendship and hope – Women’s Fiction)

Murder in the Belltower (Miss Underhay Mysteries #5) Murder at Elm House (Miss Underhay Mysteries #6) Murder at the Wedding (Miss Underhay Mysteries #7) Helena Dixon

Miss Underhay series by Helena Dixon aka Nell Dixon (This is another series that I jumped into late, beginning with #5. I really enjoyed it and now have 4 to catch up, while having read #6 and #7 already. – Historical Cozy Mysteries)

Gone for Good (Detective Annalisa Vega, #1) Joanna Schaffhausen

Gone For Good by Joanna Schaffhausen, #1 in the Detective Annalisa Vega Series. (I have wanted to read the Ellery Hathaway Series for awhile now and still will, but got in with #1 in this series. There have been so many wonderful reviews of her books and with the one I read, I agree. – Crime Thriller/Police Procedural/Mystery)

There you have it, ten new to me authors that I enjoyed this year. Have you read any of their books? Did you enjoy them as much as I did?