Hello and Happy Monday! It is a time to spread some positivity amongst all the doom and gloom on social media and in the news. Please feel free to join in with your own Positivity post.

I usually post on Friday, but I wanted to post today, because …….

Today is my birthday! So, Happy Birthday to me. I already celebrated with my family last week, but today my heart is full. I have received so many phonecalls, texts, messages and facebook birthday messages that I have been smiling all day. A friend is also taking me out for dinner tonight, so it sounds like it will be a wonderful day.

We celebrated Thanksgiving back in October, but last Thursday was my Sweetie Petey’s birthday. We had dinner, decorated cupcakes and he opened his gifts. It was a nice day. My Duckie loved the ribs I made.

Decorating for Christmas. We put up the tree and decorated downstairs which I love. I also did a display of all my Christmas Hummel Figurines, which I loved doing and I can see from my favourite chair. It is so nice to see them out of the curio cabinet and on display.

My daughter-in-law works in the medical field and is soundly behind the vaccine for Covid 19. The day they announced that the vaccine was available for kids ages 5 to 11, she booked their appointments. On Saturday, they got their shots and were very happy to help protect their little brother and cousins.

Yay for Starbucks and Tim Hortons. For my birthday today, I got a free Pumpkin Latte and Breakfast sandwich.

This week, I spent time watching lots and lots of Christmas movies. I have watched comedies, Hallmark romances and even Christian stories of the first Christmas. I love how they make me feel.

We had our first real snowfall of the season. The nice thing about it is that it looked beautiful on the trees and grass, but it didn’t stay on the roads, so driving wasn’t dangerous!

May be an image of tree and outdoors
Our townhall did a light display this year, I hope to take the grandkids over to walk through it. This is just one small section. They turned them on Friday night.

The ability to celebrate any holiday we choose.

Other things that have been positive the last ten days:

  • Christmas music on the radio
  • Wonderful books and audiobooks that I have been reading and listening to.
  • Soup Season! I love soup and have made a couple of different kinds already.
  • Visiting my aunt (97 years young) with my sister in Sarnia
  • Seeing my niece who lives in Bragg Creek Alberta, who travelled to Windsor, Ontario for a 10 day visit.
  • Baby shower for my friend’s daughter, and the fact that she was able to attend her daughter’s shower and stay the whole time!
  • Cookie baking – it is time to start my baking for Christmas gifts. I made some for my aunt and niece, but will be making lots more.

I know this is just the tip of the iceberg. What was positive in your life, this week? What are you grateful for?