Reviews From the Stacks

Spell the Month in Books was originally created by Jana @ Reviews from the Stacks. Each month I will try to spell the month using books I hope to read that month.

I am turning this into a challenge for myself. My goal for 2021 will be to read at least half of the books selected each month. In January, I read 5/7, February 6/8, March 5/5, April 5/5, May 2/3, June 3/4, so in July my goal will also be 3/4.

Jana is suggesting themes at her site, and this month her theme for July is to read books that have covers based on the colour of your country’s flag. That means red and white for me. I am also doing Christmas in July, so will be reading those as well. If you click on the cover, it will take you to Goodreads. So here goes:

J – Just the Way You Are by Lynsey James

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U – Unleased by Donna KauffmanReview

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L – Lock, Stock and Jingle Bells by Donna KauffmanReview

You've Got Plaid (Prince Charlie's Angels, #3)

Y – You’ve Got Plaid by Eliza KnightReview

So, what do you think? How would you spell JULY using the titles of books?