Hello and Happy Friday! I decided to join in The Positivity Wave. Originally started by Meggy @Chocolate’n’Waffles. It is a time to spread some positivity amongst all the doom and gloom on social media and in the news. Please feel free to join in with your own Happy Friday post and link to Meggy’s post so that she knows and say ‘hi’

I missed posting last week because I was quite busy. I have a lot of positive things in my life right now, so that is wonderful.

Last weekend was our Victoria Day Weekend. My son and his family came over as well as my daughter and her man. We had a BBQ and then Cheesecake on a Stick for dessert. It is not something I will eat often, as it is chock full of calories and sugar, but it was wonderful for a treat. Here are some of the ones we had. I loved my Turtles flavour. Don’t they look yummy?

Frozen Kiss

Of course I also spent time with the kids. I am still doing online learning with my granddaughter, but also spent time with both my grandsons on the weekend.

I also had Sherman here for a couple of days and I always love spending time with my granddog.

I am continuing with my healthy changes and am thrilled to have lost 7 pounds in three weeks. I am going slow as I want it to last. I am still getting my 10000 steps at least 5 days a week, and 20 minutes or more 6 days a week. I feel good about that. If school starts up soon, I will be able to get to doing zumba, as it runs while I have my granddaughter here.

I read a great article about A Once-in-a-Lifetime Chance to Start Over on Deb Nance’s blog Readerbuzz. If you haven’t checked out her blog, take a look.

from the Atlantic

May be an image of indoor

I helped to deliver the muffin baskets to the frontline workers (people working in education and healthcare). I loved seeing the smiles on their faces when they opened their cards of thanks made by some of the kids in our Sunday School program.

As much as it is not a pleasant experience, I am happy that we have medical tests to find problems sooner. I got a mammogram this week. Not too bad, and hopefully all is good.

undefinedI continued watching Disney movies which I enjoyed, but I also watched Fried Green Tomatoes. I had not seen it in years and Nicki at Secret Library Book Blog highlighted an article about their 30th anniversary, Southern Living – Mary Stuart Masterson on the 30th Anniversary of Fried Green Tomatoes. so I found it online to watch. I loved it. I couldn’t believe how much I had forgotten.

These last two weeks, I have read or listened to some great books. I had a lot of 4.5 and 5 star books which I loved.

Last but not least, they have reopened our golf courses, so I start golfing on Monday. Woo Hoo.

My pool is also supposed to be opened this weekend, and I can’t wait. It is not supposed to be hot next week, but if the sun is shining and the heater running, I will go in to exercise.

I am continuing my bookclub study of Max Lucado’s You Are Never Alone, which has been an amazing study. We finish this week.

Just a couple of bookish/language cartoons to make you smile before I sign off.

 I continue to believe that recognizing the good things that happen each week, means I will not dwell on the not so good things. I am truly blessed with all the good things in my life.

So to finish up, I ask that you try to be grateful for one thing each day and I am sure it will lift your spirits. What are you Grateful for today?