Amanda in Malta: The Sleeping Lady (Amanda Travels #8) by Darlene Foster

Published May 11th 2021 by Central Avenue Publishing

Synopsis: Amanda receives a postcard from her best friend, Leah, and is surprised to learn that she is in Malta with her aunt. Reading between the lines, she senses Leah is in trouble. Desperate to help her, Amanda travels to Malta with her classmate Caleb and his parents.

Amanda is intrigued by this exotic island in the middle of the Mediterranean, full of colourful history, sun-drenched limestone fortresses, stunning beaches and fascinating birds. But…who is killing the protected birds? Who stole a priceless artifact from the museum? And why is Leah acting so strange? She couldn’t possibly be involved in these illegal activities, or could she?

Join Amanda and her friends as they visit ancient temples, an exciting falconry and the enchanting Popeye Village, as they try to get to the bottom of the mystery of the Sleeping Lady.

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Amanda in Malta: The Sleeping Lady

5 Stars: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

This is the eight book In Darlene Foster’s Amanda Travels series. Amanda in Malta: The Sleeping Lady is the first book I have read in this series, but will go back and read others. This is a mystery and travel series for middle graders. In each book Amanda travels somewhere with either family or friends. She learns about the place she is visiting, as well as solves a mystery. In this book, Amanda receives a postcard from a girlfriend who is presently in Malta telling her that she needs help. Amands is trying to figure out how to help when her mother asks her if she wants to go away with a classmate, Caleb and his family. A friend of Caleb’s has canceled and they would like Amanda to go with them to….. you guessed it, Malta. She jumps at the chance. Once there she has to find her friend, determine what the problem is and solve it without letting her hosts know. It seems that there are two situations that Amanda gets involved in: the plot to steal “The Sleeping Lady” a priceless museum artifact, and who is killing the the island’s endangered storks.

I loved the adventure aspect in this story. As an adult, I had to suspend belief that this young girl was involved in solving these mysteries, but it was a fun story. I really liked learning about Malta and the things Amanda saw and did such as: The Popeye Theme Park in Malta, Marsaxlokk, (a charming fishing village,) the bird sanctuary island – Filfla, boat trips, island hops, and a Falconry. Darlene Foster’s descriptive writing of places like The Blue Grotto, had this armchair traveler smiling. I have just added Malta to my bucket list. The mystery put Amanda in danger but it wasn’t too serious. With some unexpected help, Leah and her grandmother as well as Caleb both situations are solved and sorted. This is a book that I recommend to schools, families and public libraries.

“Be prepared to learn a lot about the culture while you follow Amanda on her adventure.”Laura Best, author, Bitter, Sweet

“What a great way for a young person to learn about a culture and to be inspired to experience other countries themselves.”Irene Butler, author, Trekking the Globe with Mostly Gentle Footsteps

About the Author: Darlene Foster dreamt of writing, travelling the world, and meeting interesting people. She also believed in making her dreams come true. It’s no surprise she’s now the award-winning author of Amanda Travels, a children’s adventure series about a spunky twelve-year-old who loves to travel to unique places. Readers from seven to seventy enjoy travelling with Amanda as she unravels one mystery after another. A world traveller herself, Darlene spends her time in Vancouver, Canada and the Costa Blanca, in Spain. 

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