Two cozy mysteries from authors I enjoy. Farm to Trouble is the fist book in a new series and starts it off nicely. Bound for Murder is the fourth book in a series that is quite enjoyable and set in or around a library is always a winner for me. I received both these books from the publishers via Edelweiss or Netgalley. The ratings and opinions shared are my own.

Farm to Trouble (Farm to Table Mysteries #1)

Farm to Trouble (Farm to Table Mysteries #1) by Amanda Flowers

4 Stars: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

I enjoy Amanda Flower’s writing and with this book set in Michigan, not that far from where I live, I was very interested in reading it. It is no secret that large farming companies are pushing out family farms, so this also interested me for that reason. Shiloh Bellamy has her hands full. She has returned home to turn around the family farm, but had no idea it had been neglected so much. She also didn’t realize her father was as bad off as he is and also had to deal with his curmudgeonly ways. She is not about to throw in the towel and partners with a local, not realizing what his true plans and dreams are for the farm and surrounding area. When he ends up dead at the local farmer’s market, first Shiloh, then her dad are the main suspects.

There was a lot of community building in this one. We learned about the farming community, met many characters and found out about Shiloh’s past when she lived at home and when she moved away. I have to say that I loved her little pug, Huckleberry, who’s her constant companion. Everyone seems to love him and he is allowed to go pretty much everywhere in town. One thing I really like about small town stories is the closeness. Everyone knows everyone else and there is usually a lot of support when someone is suspected of a crime. In this book, the community seemed pretty quick to suspect both Shiloh and her father, which is not usual in a cozy. I get that Shiloh is looked down upon as the prodigal daughter, but her dad? The mystery was well written with several suspects. I did not guess who the culprit was, in fact the actual murderer was not even on my radar, which I do like as long as it makes sense at the end and this one certainly does. The ending sets up the next book in the series and I will watch for it to see what is next in the Farm to Table Mysteries.

Bound for Murder (Blue Ridge Library Mysteries, #4)

Bound for Murder (Blue Ridge Library Mysteries #4) by Victoria Gilbert

4 Stars: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

I have been enjoying the Blue Ridge Library Mysteries and I was happy to finally get to this one. This story didn’t have much action in the library, but the research skills that librarians have sure came in handy. Amy Webber’s best friend and co-worker Sunny Fields is running for mayor. All is going well, until a skeleton is found on her grandparents’ farm. Suspicion is that it is a missing man who disappeared years ago when the farm was a commune. With Sunny’s grandparents under suspicion, Amy steps in to help with the investigation. She knows they wouldn’t hurt anyone and she doesn’t want to see them arrested, not Sunny losing the election.

Once again, I enjoyed this story. It is well developed with several suspects, some twists and a few red herrings to keep readers guessing. I loved seeing how Amy used her research skills to find suspects, people who might be witnesses and eventually the actual killer. As Amy gets closer, she becomes a target, or at least starts receiving threats, which meant she only stepped up her search. The showdown was exciting, and Sunny got to proved herself a worthy opponent. This story is about a community as well as a mystery, so after the killer is found and the mystery wraps up, the story ends with other events in town being wrapped up as well. I continue to enjoy this series and recommend it to cozy mystery lovers, especially if you like stories set in and around libraries.