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A Simple Wedding (Heart’s Landing #1) by Leigh Duncan, Karissa Vacker (Narrator)

3.5 Stars:

This is exactly what I was looking for when I wanted to read romance in February. Jenny has always wanted to get married in Heart’s Landing. She has shared this with her cousin who is also a famous movie star and her boss. When she decides to have a secret and fast wedding she grabs a cancellation in Heart’s Landing and dispatches Jenny to plan the wedding for her. The only catch is that Jenny has to pretend she is the bride. With her cousin constantly changing her mind, Jenny and the vendors in Heart’s Landing don’t know how they are going to pull this off. Throw in the fact that Jenny is extremely attracted to the local cake maker and he secretly feels the same, things become a bit difficult and stilted. What will happen when Nick finds out that Jenny is not the Heart’s Landing bride?

A Simple Wedding was a delightful Hallmark romance that romance lovers will enjoy. I felt so bad for Jenny. She just wanted to make her cousin’s wedding wonderful, but with Bridezilla to work with, she was spinning her wheels. Watching this shy, quiet young woman come out of her shell and learn to stand up for herself was wonderful. Nick was wonderful. He knew he was attracted to Jenny, but did not let her know his feelings because she was taken. He was so kind and would do whatever he had to do to make Jenny’s wedding special. Of course, this is a Hallmark romance so you know there will be a happy ending, but the journey to get there is very enjoyable. Karissa Vacker was another new narrator to me. She had a pleasant voice, her narration was expressive and I enjoyed listening to this one.

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Room to Breathe by Liz Talley, Vanessa Edwin (Narrator)

4 Stars: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Daphne is a recently divorced woman with a grown daughter, who is rather spoiled by her parents. Daphne is a well-known children’s author and illustrator. Ellery, her daughter, is engaged to a med student and their relationship is a bit shaky. Daphne gives her a job as her assistant to help her out. Daphne is starting over and when a flirtation with a man 15 years her junior gets a bit carried away, her daughter is not happy. Ellery is involved in a flirtation of her own with a man who she met at a winery. Will either of these women find the happiness they are looking for?

This book has some romance, but that is not the main story. Daphne and Ellery have a lot to learn about themselves and each other. It depicts a mother/daughter relationship that is strained as Ellery has been daddy’s girl all her life. There is some romance, some failed relationships, some mistakes and some secrets that all play out during this journey. The story is told from both women’s POVs, and as a mother, of course I sided with Daphne, although they both had some things to deal with in order to make their relationship work. This was a quick, entertaining story that had me breezing through it to see how things would work out. It was relatively predictable, but there were some surprises along the way. Although I picked this one up thinking it was a romance, it is more contemporary women’s fiction with some romance as part of the story. The narrator of this book, Vanessa Edwin, is new to me. I found her voice pleasant with expression and inflection to show emotions, and there were a lot of those. Overall an enjoyable time spent listening to this one.