Forgetting the Scot

Forgetting the Scott (The Highlanders of Balforrs #3) by Jennifer Trethewey, Ruth Urquhart (Narrator)

3.5 Stars:

I read the first two books in this series a couple of years ago and really enjoyed them. When I saw this one available on Audible Plus, I grabbed it and thoroughly enjoyed heading back to Balforrs and visiting with the Sinclairs. There are many characters in common with the earlier stories but it can be read as a standalone. This story opens with a bang. Virginia Whitebridge, Viscountess Langley, is kidnapped off the street and sold to a pirate captain to take to the West Indies to be sold to a wealthy plantation owner. The pirates get greedy and grab the wrong woman when they continue to stock their ship and the Sinclairs descend upon the ship. When they get rescued, Virginia wants to keep her identity secret as she does not want her husband, who probably was the one behind her kidnapping, to know that she is still alive.

The Sinclairs are all swoon worthy heroes. I love their attitude, bravery, loyalty and sense of what is right. They are willing to do whatever it takes to protect the women they have rescued. I loved Magnus, the male lead in this story. He always thought of himself as the ugly Sinclair and has grown a beard to cover most of his face. When he has to shave, the women are in awe of how handsome he is. Virginia has already fallen for him when he rescued her, but this made it harder to resist him. Magnus is a wonderful character; strong, determined, loyal and faithful, just what you would expect from a Highland hero. Virginia is small, attractive, smart, determined and caring. They make a great couple, but there is so much standing in their way. This is a steamy, historical romance with plenty of twists and turns to keep the reader guessing. The writing flows well and the characters are all well developed. There is some spousal abuse in this one, so if that is something that you do not want to read about, then you might want to pass. If you enjoy historical romances with handsome Highlanders rushing to the rescue and finding love, you’ll probably thoroughly enjoy this story. This audiobook was narrated by Ruth Urquhart. I love listening to her Scottish accent, she does a great job with it. She differentiates the male and female characters well. Another narrator that I very much enjoy.

Forgetting the Scot (The Highlanders of Balforss Book 3)

About the Book: Virginia Whitebridge is trapped in a loveless, abusive marriage. The law says her husband can have whatever he wants from her – so he’s taken her inheritance. And he tried to kill her. After a close escape, Virginia feels protected for the first time in forever, thanks to the Scottish Highlands and the Highlander Magnus Sinclair. But she must go back to England, regardless of the danger, to reclaim what’s hers. Even if it means leaving her heart in Scotland.

It’s just Magnus’ luck that he’s fallen for a woman he can’t have. Virginia is rich and titled… and English. To keep her safe, he must follow her to the one place he loathes – England. Where the bowing, preening London Society has a secret language of manners unknown to him. Where he is too large, too uncivilized, too everything. Despite omens that death awaits him there, Magnus vows to help Virginia go to London and restore her fortune. Get in. Get out. Or die trying.

Each book in The Highlanders of Balforss series is stand-alone: Tying the ScotBetting the ScotForgetting the Scot