This year, I am setting some reading goals. These are not challenges, just some general goals that I am setting for myself. Here goes:

  1. I am going to cut way back on requesting ARCs. I will make a list of books that interest me, but will only request if it is an author or series that I am already reading. I have to stop requesting every book I want to read when I realistically will not get them read prior to publishing.

2. I plan on getting both my EW and NG ratio up to 70% by the end of the year. That might not sound hard to many of you, but it will only happen if I can achieve the above goal.

3. I am going to stop participating in so many challenges. I have a couple of year long ones that I am going to participate in, and I am going to try to do my “Spell the Month in Books” challenge (half of the books to spell the month each month), but not so many pop-up type challenges.

4. I am going to limit my blog tour participation to no more than 8 per month. This year I had some months where I was participating in 15 tours. I want more flexibility to read what feels right to me.

There you have it, some very general reading goals, but ones I need to implement if I want my TBR to be reduced from over 2600.