I recently read all three books in the Amish Mystery series starring Kappy King, written by Amy Lillard and published by Zebra Publishing (an imprint of Kensington). I enjoyed them all, but am not sure if this series will continue. The last book was published December 2018. If you are looking for a fun cozy series, pick them up and they are all available on audiobook as well.
Kappy King and the Pickle Kaper

 Kappy King and The Puppy Kaper by Amy Lillard, Narrated by Stina Nielson

4 Stars: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

This is the second Kappy King mystery and I enjoyed it very much. Kappy (Kathryn) King is a single Amish woman who makes her living making kapps for other Amish Women. She is a bit of a rebel as she has not married and is not courting anyone. She is also best friends with Edie, an amish woman who jumped the fence and is shunned by the community. Edie moved back home to take care of her brother, who has developmental delays, after the murder of her mother. This mystery has Sally Esh, a young Amish woman involved in a fatal accident where the truck who hit her did not remain on the scene. Once Kappy and Edie realize that it was a deliberate collision, they get right into the investigation. Did the pickle business run by the Esh family have anything to do with her murder of was it personal? Was Sally the intended target or was it her brother, who would normally be making pickle deliveries. Once again, Edie is integral in the investigation and she can do things and find information that Kappy can’t. Kappy is able to get information from the Amish that they won’t share with Edie, so the two of them make a great pair. There are several twists and more than one suspect to keep the reader guessing. The final twist and reveal was somewhat surprising, but totally believable. This is an enjoyable book and series, that I recommend to cozy mystery lovers, especially those who enjoy Amish fiction. Stina Nielson narrates this series and I enjoy her work. She adds just the right expression and tone to her performance to bring out the characters voices in the story.

Kappy King and the Pie KaperKappy King and the Pie Kaper by Amy Lillard, Narrated by Stina Nielson

4.5 Stars: 

This third story in the Amish Mystery series finds Alma Miller, the bishop’s wife in Blue Sky, in a coma. It appears she fell from a ladder while picking crabapples. It doesn’t take Kappy long to determine that it was not an accident. She finds out from the investigating detective that she was actually killed in her kitchen and the scene outside was staged. He tasks Kappy to try and figure out what the message she left in the spilled flour in her kitchen really means.

Once again, Kappy and Edie team up to figure out who was responsible for Alma’s death. Does it have to do with her prize winning boysenberry pie? Working with Detective Jack Jones, the ladies are able to figure out the clues to help solve the case. I loved the descriptions of Edie in this story. She was a bit wild, with pink hair, piercings and goth like clothes, but it appears that she is trying to fit in a bit and has removed her piercings and started wearing soccer mom clothes. She is also developing feelings toward Jack and it seems like he might be feeling the same way. Once again, there were several suspects but none that really seemed to have a strong enough motive. It is not until Edie and Kappy are able to figure out what the message meant that the culprit is revealed. The final showdown was tense with some danger, but all worked out in the end. Another entertaining story with an audio performance that made this an enjoyable few hours. I sure hope there will be another Mystery starring Kappy and Edie down the road. This was the best one yet.