With lockdown restrictions easing somewhat, my DIL went to visit some friends for the weekend. I was lucky enough to have my two oldest grandchildren sleep over. Bedtime rituals are important, and bedtime stories are a huge part of that. We read several books over the two days they were with me, but these are a few we read at bedtime. All were provided to me upon request. The ratings and opinions are mine and theirs.

Goodnight and Sleep TightGoodnight and Sleep Tight by Esther van den Berg

Published September 29th 2020 by Clavis

5 Stars

I am always looking for cute bedtime stories for my grandkids. We read this one together and they loved it. This story is all about bedtime rituals featuring all kinds of bugs. From Dung Beetles, to Flies and Pillbugs, they all share something. Of course, the bookworm adds in the bedtime story. After checking on all the other bugs in the Bug Hotel, Dot checks on her own rituals to make sure she has completed everything: bath, put on pj’s, brushed her teeth, used the toilet, and had a bedtime story. Each page has something to giggle about as the bugs get ready for sleep. The bugs all help each other in this. I love that at the end they had to get their goodnight kiss. The illustrations were wonderful, quirky and engaging, with vibrant colors and lots of details to look at and talk about. A winner for us.

The Lullaby Monsters by Cynthia MackeyThe Lullaby Monsters by Cynthia Mackey, Paula Nasmith (illustrator)

Published May 12th 2020 by Cynthia Mackey

3 Stars: ⭐⭐⭐

My granddaughter loves cute, cuddly monsters. Throw them into a bedtime story and we were in for this on. It was a very simple story with a lot of repetition which made it good for her older brother to read to her. Kelsey always helps her younger brother Thomas. When Thomas’ loses his lullaby box, she has to find it by facing the lullaby monsters. The monsters are not scary, but rather cute, bright and colourful. This is a story about facing your fears, that is okay to be scared of things and that sharing those fears will help you. It was a cute idea, but I found the story to be just a bit too simplistic. The kids liked it, especially because the oldest could read it.

48855944. sx318 I’m Going to Give You a Polar Bear Hug! by Caroline B. Cooney, Tim Warnes (Illustrations)

Published October 6th 2020 by Zonderkidz

4 Stars: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

My grandchildren and I read this book snuggled up as the weather begins to get cold. Each page spread shows the little girl and an animal hugging. The text is rhyming and refers to a characteristic of the animal pictured (eg. I’m going to give you a reindeer hug. A race through the snow, From antlers to toe, Ready set go hug.) The illustrations are wonderful, bright, vibrant, action based and showing joyful characters. The end shows a dad and his children playing and hugging on the floor. We are a very demonstrative family, so giving hugs, rolling around on the ground and sitting on laps is something my grandkids are used to. This is a cute story about showing love as well as giving some information about cold weather animals. A story that the little ones loved and the older one could read. We used this as a bedtime story and it worked well with final snuggles for the night.

48856802. sx318 Night Night, Pumpkin by Amy Parker, Virginia Allyn (Illustrations)

Published July 28th 2020 by Thomas Nelson

3.5 Stars:

Night Night, Pumpkin by Amy Parker is a great story for preschoolers about Autumn/Fall. It shows a puppy wearing a pumpkin going through his day doing all sorts of fun activities with his family and friends. After each activity, he says Night, Night to something depending on the activity (trees, leaves, apples, family, God etc.) We read this one at bedtime, and I had a hard time getting my granddaughter to settle. There is a lot happening during this puppies day and she wanted to tell me all about each picture and then when she did the same activities. She even tried to start jumping around. I had to read a quiet book after finishing this one to settle her. I did enjoy this story, but I am not sure if I would classify it as a bedtime story. It is a fun, light hearted story with wonderful and adorable illustrations that certainly elicited quite a discussion. I loved that the family focus was also a central part of this story.