54138203. sy475 Firefly Nights (The Vineyard Sunset #2) by Katie Winters

Published July 28th 2020

3.5 Stars: 

This is the second book in the Vineyard Sunset series featuring the Sheridan sisters, Susan, Christine and Lola. This is Christine’s story. Christine has left her glamorous life in New York after the restaurant that she and her partner ran, closed. She realizes that she has not been happy for a long time and decides to head back to Martha’s Vineyard to see if she can be happy there. She runs into Zach Walters, the boy she loved as a teen that dumped her just before she left the island. He is running The Bistro attached to and owned by the family’s Inn. With all that is going on the lives of the Sheridan women, can Christine sit back, figure out what will make her happy and listen to what Zach has to say?

I enjoy stories about reconciliation of families, especially sisters. This series does just that. There are still secrets that need to be sorted out between various family members, but best of all, these sisters support each other, even if that is all new to them. I love the main characters of the sisters and their dad, Wes. Watching them reconcile and share their insights is wonderful. The secondary characters are also well written. The daughters, cousins and friends all have a role to play in the stories. This book shows up another side to Christine. In the first book she was aloof and often angry. This book has her softening up a bit and opening up to her family and Zach. As I got to know more about her, I understood how she ended up in the way she was. She is missing a huge piece of herself and I think she might just find it. This is an emotional story, one with highs and lows. It also deals with themes of sadness, family issues, coming home again, unplanned life situations, dreams (both fulfilled and shattered) and second chances. I am enjoying this series and am looking forward to Lola’s story in August Sunset. The author generously provided me with a copy of this book upon request. The rating, ideas and opinions shared are my own.

54138203. sy475 About the Book: A summer the Sheridan Sisters will never forget.

Christine Sheridan is the middle sister of the Sheridan clan: lost between her older sister, Susan, a successful criminal lawyer and her whip-smart little sister, Lola. After twenty years apart, she and her sisters have just learned the secret their dead mother kept from them. They’ve finally learned their mother’s true fate. Now, Christine returns to New York City, to her boyfriend Frank, to a life she once loved. But the prestigious restaurant they own is no more, and Christine is left once again without solid ground. At forty-one, unable to have children, and with nowhere to go—she knows only to return home to the Vineyard and her family.

Martha’s Vineyard is in full summer bloom. After over twenty years away, Christine falls in love again with the water, with boating, the people, and with carefree days that meander and pop with bright conversations with Lola and Susan and long afternoon swims through crystal waters. Unfortunately, her high school rival, the ever-handsome Zach Walters, seems to lurk everywhere she goes—even offering her a pastry chef position at the Sunrise Inn Bistro. Almost reluctantly, she takes it—and soon becomes the most championed pastry chef on the island. Zach doesn’t seem so bad, either, although he does seem to harbor his own secrets.

Still, the Sheridan clan is never far from heartbreak. As the Sheridan sisters grow closer, their father loses even more of his memory; their mother’s real killer remains on the loose, as does Scott’s brother, who stole an obscene amount of money from the Sunrise Cove Inn. Secrets swirl through the family—and drama escalates when Lola’s daughter, Audrey, calls with shocking news that sends ripples through the entire Sheridan family.

Every day, the Sheridan sisters find new ways to support, enrage, love, and surprise one another. At forty-one, Christine feels caught between her old life and her new one—poised on the brink of either collapse or the greatest love she’s ever known. Will she find happiness on the island? Come and find out!

Dive into book two of this new women’s fiction series: a backdrop of white sand and crystal blue waters, following the Sheridan sisters’ heartwarming journey of friendship, loss, and love.