Back in January, my blogging friend Susan, recommended this trilogy by Ruth Logan Herne. She gave me a copy of Healing the Cowboy’s Heart to read and I loved it. My Review When the library reopened this month, I picked up the first two in the series and quickly read them both. Below are my mini-reviews.

37863047Her Cowboy Reunion 

Published July 17th 2018 by Love Inspired 

4.5 Stars: 

Lizzie didn’t know the uncle who left her part owner of his Idaho ranch but she has every intention of honoring his dreams as well as having a new place to call home. What she doesn’t expect is to come face to face with the man she’s spent a decade trying to forget. Lizzie is trying to bounce back from being kicked out of the family business after her father embezzled millions and disappeared. When this opportunity arises to move to Idaho and run the horse side of the ranch, she quickly accepts and with Corrie, the woman who raised her after her mother’s death, in tow, she arrives and decides that she has to make the best of what looks like a bad situation.

I loved this story. Lizzie and Heath are both stubborn and under the belief that the other one abandoned him/her. They are both loving, caring, strong characters whose faith has been tarnished. I love the quote, “What we’ve got in mind and what the good Lord’s got planned don’t always agree, but that’s what makes life interesting. Sometimes it’s a collision course. Other times it’s a wide, beautiful curve.” from Corrie, as it says it all. Young Zeke is a treasure in this story. He not only steals Lizzie’s heart, but he stole mine. This is a happily ever after that has some bumps and detours along the way. I love the way Ruth Logan Herne writes a Christian Romance. Everything is realistic and just part of life. I am looking forward to see what is next for Shepherd’s Crossing.

40886476A Cowboy in Shepherd’s

Published January 1st 2019 by Love Inspired

4.5 Stars: 

Book 2 in the Shepherd’s Crossing series did not disappoint. This is Melonie’s story as she heads to Idaho after losing the contract she had to make a home renovation show. She heads to Shepherd’s Crossing with a plan to stay for the one year mandated by her uncle’s will, take her proceeds from the ranch and follow her dreams. What she wasn’t expecting was the handsome cowboy with the gorgeous eyes. When she and Jace first meet, they are like oil and water, but throw in two adorable, needy little girls and feelings change.

This was another heartwarming story about second chances and new beginnings. Jace finds out some things that change everything about his life and what he knows. He is ready to move out of town for work and give up his place as one of the founding families of Shepherd’s Crossing. When he finds out that he has two nieces that need him, his plans abruptly change. I was quite impressed with how he took all the news about his family and history. I know his faith helped him to accept and forgive eventually, but this is the only thing that I think was a little unrealistic. Melonie seems to have a very active mothering gene, because she took to those little ones as it they were her own. I enjoyed the dialogue and banter between Jace and Melonie as it went from sarcasm, to friendly to teasing and back to sarcasm. They were a pair that were both trying to keep their distance from one another but the pull was too strong. Melonie has baggage that she needs to deal with, and Jace is the one to help her do it. They do get their happily ever after, and the story is enjoyable and emotional as we watch them get there. Another wonderful addition to this series.