Hello and Happy Friday! I decided to join in The Positivity Wave. Originally started by  Meggy @Chocolate’n’Waffles but I saw it posted by nickimags @ The Secret Library Book Blog  and Jonetta@BlueMoodCafe. It is a time to spread some positivity amongst all the doom and gloom on social media and in the news. Please feel free to join in with your own Happy Friday post and link to Meggy’s post so that she knows and say ‘hi’

The Best thing that happened over the last two weeks was my family BBQ to celebrate Canada Day. I already posted about this, but I have to add a couple more pictures. One each of my darling grandchildren.

Music: We enjoyed a lot of Canadian music this week, even some humorous and fun songs.

Nature: As I was working in the yard this week, I stopped to listen to the numerous birds chirping in my yard. I have recently spotted a Baltimore Oriole splashing in my fountain and sitting in my apple tree. I think it might have a nest nearby as I saw it chasing a BlueJay away the other day.

Baltimore oriole - Wikipedia

Each morning while making my coffee, I look out my window and watch my sweet backyard bunny. It is a wonderful sight.

My neighbour finally finished rebuilding the fence between our yards so now my daughter will bring my grand-dog over to visit. Sherman loves to swim. but I did not get any pictures of him in the pool.

With the pandemic, the food banks are being cleaned out, so, Windsor and Essex County had a Miracle Food Drive on June 27th. People put donations on their porch for volunteers to collect. I did my street with a few friends. This is a picture of the local dropoff depot an hour into the drive. We collected over 1 million pounds of food. People are so generous.

Desserts and Baking. I made two Red & White desserts for Canada Day. One with rhubarb and one with strawberries. Both were delicious, but luckily the kids took some home so I wouldn’t have to eat them all.

Rhubarb Custard Bars | Reader's Digest Canada   Sugar & Spice by Celeste: Fresh Strawberry Buttermilk Cake

Gorgeous Sunny Days! Spending time by the pool.

Image may contain: one or more people Image may contain: sky, tree, pool, outdoor and nature

  • Back to Golf as my knee and ankle are feeling so much better.
  • My library mailed by books to me as they were still not open, but good news, I got a phone-call yesterday and they are now open for curbside pickup.
  • I am back to getting active and was able to do zumba again this week after almost three weeks of inactivity due to my injury
  • I have a friend who posts the most amazing pictures on facebook each day after taking her dog (hound) for a walk. I live vicariously through her, as I am not sure if I would be brave enough to walk in some of the places she walks.
  • Found a new author that I am loving. Sharon Sala and her Blessings, Georgia series is making me smile and feel good about mankind.
  • Hoopla, Scribd, Overdrive, KU all have amazing audiobooks that I am able to listen to while waiting to have my cataract surgery. I can’t believe how many wonderful books are available in this format. I love the choices available.
  • I am most grateful for family and friends. Whether they call or visit, whether they are face to face friends or those that I have come to call friends in the blogging community, they all enrich my life and I am truly blessed.

I continue to believe that recognizing the good things that happen each week, means I will not dwell on the not so good things.

So to finish up, I ask that you try to be grateful for one thing each day and I am sure it will lift your spirits. What are you Grateful for today?