The Somerset Girls by Lori Foster, Narrated by Samantha Desz

Published May 19th 2020 by Harlequin Audio and HQN

4.5 Stars:

Autumn and Ember Somerset are sisters who run a business together, inherited their grandparent’s farm which they now run as a farm animal rescue together and they live in the farmhouse that they turned into a duplex, yet these sisters are very different from one another. Autumnz is happy living her solitary life, Ember loves to party and socialize and wants to have a family. When Tash, Amber’s highschool crush, returns to town with his young daughter in tow, Ember does what she can to put them together. And when Ember realizes that she has feelings for Mike, their handyman, it looks like both sisters are in for a happily ever after.

I really enjoyed this story. The sisters were amazing people. I loved all the animals and how they dropped everything to rescue one when they got a call. They were smart, independent, strong women who both had things in their past that caused them to be cautious, overly cautious, in their present life. Tash’s daughter, Sadie, is adorable. She is wounded as well and very cautious and protective of her father, so it was great to watch her thaw in regards to Autumn. I enjoyed the dialogue and plot of this story. There were a couple of sex scenes, but they were pretty tame compared to some others I have come across lately. This is a feel-good, second-chance romance involving some wonderful characters and a book that I definitely recommend as a summer read.

I did a read/listen with this book and enjoyed the narration by Samantha Desz. She did a good job with the voices and expression in the story. She used her tone and inflection to add feeling and mood to the story. I will watch for more books narrated by this talented voice actress. The publisher generously provided me with a copy of this book upon request. The rating, ideas and opinions shared are my own.

Synopsis: No one knows you quite like a sister…
Summer in Sunset, Kentucky, means long, hot days—and sometimes surprising new beginnings. Through it all, the ties of sisterhood will be there, guiding Autumn and Ember to the lives, and loves, they need…

When they’re running the animal-rescue farm they inherited from their grandparents, Autumn and Ember Somerset are perfectly in sync. At all other times, not so much. Dependable Autumn would rather curl up with a good book than paint the town red with Ember. After the disaster that was Autumn’s last relationship, it’s pure self-protection. But when her high school crush comes back to town with his adorable young daughter, igniting memories best left forgotten, there’s only one person Autumn can turn to…

Beneath Ember’s free-spirited facade is a layer of deep hurt. She’ll gladly nudge Autumn toward a second chance. But risk her own heart? Not likely. The closer Autumn gets to her own happily-ever-after, the more Ember wonders what she might be missing—and if it isn’t her time to be bold, too.