The Imperfects: A NovelThe Imperfects by Amy Meyerson, Narrated by Cassandra Campbell

Published May 5th 2020 by Park Row, Harlequin Audio

4.5 Stars:

This is a story with a few plotlines. We have the Millers, an extremely dysfunctional family, an extremely valuable diamond that disappeared in the early 20th century, dysfunctional adults with secrets, death of a matriarch and all that goes with that, and family lineage. When Helen dies, she leaves behind her estate to be executed by her granddaughter Beck. When the family all arrive at Helen’s home, there are bound to be fireworks. They have not been together in over three years. When the will is read, there are a lot of questions, emotions, distrust that leads this group on a journey that leads them to places they had never expected.

I do not want to give away anymore of the story than the synopsis of this book. The characters all have baggage, secrets and anger. Trying to determine how Helen ended up with these jewels takes more time and effort than expected, all the way to Austria. There were times that I was frustrated with the siblings. I kept shouting, enough, give it a rest, but they didn’t listen to me. For every one step forward, there was one step back. The story is told from the POVs of all three siblings, Beck, Ashley and Jake as well as their mother Deborah. Through there eyes we also learn about Helen and Flora, Helen’s mother. There is some romance, but not a lot, some relationship building and repairing and a lot of forgiveness. This is a contemporary novel about family as well as a historical fiction story. I learned about the Hapsburgs, a time and a family that I did not know about before. I also learned quite a bit about diamonds and jewelry.

I did a read/listen for this book. The audiobook was narrated by Cassandra Campbell. She is one of my favourite narrators and I was not disappointed with this performance. She used expression and intonation to give emotion to the characters and her voices, including accents in the European sections of the book, were well done. A very enjoyable listening experience. The publisher generously provided me with a copy of this book upon request.

If you are interested, check out this short video of Amy Meyerson talking about the pin in the book.


The ImperfectsAbout the Book (From Goodreads):ย From the bestselling author ofย The Bookshop of Yesterdays comes a captivating new novel about a priceless inheritance that leads one family on a life-altering pursuit of the truth.

The Millers are far from perfect. Estranged siblings Beck, Ashley and Jake find themselves under one roof for the first time in years, forced to confront old resentments and betrayals, when their mysterious, eccentric matriarch, Helen, passes away. But their lives are about to change when they find a secret inheritance hidden among her possessionsโ€”the Florentine Diamond, a 137-carat yellow gemstone that went missing from the Austrian Empire a century ago.

Desperate to learn how one of the worldโ€™s most elusive diamonds ended up in Helenโ€™s bedroom, they begin investigating her past only to realize how little they know about their brave, resilient grandmother. As the Millers race to determine whether they are the rightful heirs to the diamond and the fortune it promises, they uncover a past more tragic and powerful than they ever could have imagined, forever changing their connection to their heritage and each other.

Inspired by the true story of the real, still-missing Florentine Diamond,ย The Imperfectsย illuminates the sacrifices we make for family and how sometimes discovering the truth of the past is the only way to better the future.ย