Hello and Happy Friday! I decided to join in The Positivity Wave. Originally started by  Meggy @Chocolate’n’Waffles but I saw it posted by nickimags @ The Secret Library Book Blog  and Jonetta@BlueMoodCafe. It is a time to spread some positivity amongst all the doom and gloom on social media and in the news. Please feel free to join in with your own Happy Friday post and link to Meggy’s post so that she knows and say ‘hi’

As this period of isolation continues, I am finding it is harder to remain positive, but looking for the good things definitely helps me to focus on them and not the negative.

Of course Mother’s Day was this week and even though I didn’t get to spend it with my family, I did see them for short periods and got to Socially Distance visit. I got cookies from my son and his family (purchased from his sister) and a delicious gift package from my daughter consisting of Rosemary Cracker, Brie Cheese, Cranberry-Cherry Chutney and Chocolate. Yum.


I made a ham this week and with the leftovers, after dropping off meals to both my kids, made ham and pea soup. It was delicious. It made so much, I was able to give some to my son and his family. If you like pea soup, here is the recipe I used. Mom’s Best Ever Split Pea Soup. I did not put carrots in it, and used ground thyme as I did not have any sprigs. I also cooked it in my stockpot on the stove for about 3 hours with the bone, then another 5 after adding the split peas and taking the bone out. It was the best I have ever made. I will keep this recipe for sure.

My daughter-in-law posted on facebook the answers my grandson gave his teacher about 🦠Corona Virus through a child’s eyes🦠. I was tickled pink by this answer: Who is the first person you are going to hug when lockdown is over? Grandmama!

I love them to bits and can’t wait for them to be able to come over again.

We has a lot of rain this week, which was great for the flowers and grass. Everything looks so green. It was so wet, that I actually had a visitor for a couple of days. I sat by the window reading and watched this guy. At one point, he was sitting in the water that has accumulated on top of my pool cover.

  • I got outside a few days for short periods between the rain. It was nice to get out and the smell after rain is wonderful, so clean and fresh.
  • My neighbour is working away on the fence out back and it is looking good. I hope he is able to finish before I open my pool.
  • My sister and a friend were able to give me some elastic so that I am able to make more masks. As things reopen and it is being requested that customers wear masks, the more I can make, the better.
  • I read/listened to some amazing books this week. The Last List of Miss Judith Kratt and The Book of Longings are two that I really enjoyed. Now back to some cozies.

  • My daughter’s boyfriend came over and cleaned out my eavestroughs/gutters as my son is afraid of heights. He climbs right up on the roof and gets it done a lot quicker than I do having to keep moving the ladder.
  • This past week, The Show Must Go On offering was “By Jeeves”. I had never seen it, or even heard of it, but it was entertaining and gives me my theatre fix, such as it is. Here is a clip of the final number.
  • I was able to contact the store where I make my wine. They are going to start a batch for me and hopefully when it is ready to be bottled, they will be opened by appointment. I still have about 12 bottles left, so hopefully I can stretch them out for a month.

  • I am almost caught up on my reviews for books I have read and/or listened to. There are about 4 coming in the next day or so, then I will be able to take a break.

Happy Friday everyone!

What’s made you happy this week?