Scarlet Oaks and the Exposed Photographer (Scarlet Oaks #2) by Michaela James, Kimberly M. Wetherell (Narrator)

Audiobooks Published February 26th 2020 by LW Media Group Ltd, Book Published April 14th 2017 by LW Media Group Ltd

Audiobook: 12 hrs, 30 mins, Book: 408 pgs.

3.5 Stars: 

This is the second Scarlet Oaks book I have read and I enjoyed it, but found it to be overly long. I am a lover of cozy mysteries, and enjoy them for many reasons, one being that they are relatively quick reads. This book has all the elements I love in cozies such as great amateur sleuths, small town or communities, quirky characters, pets or animals, great mystery and fun.

Scarlet Oaks is a radio personality that has quite a following. She has taken her radio call in show and totally revamped it, much to the happiness of her boss. We do spend a lot of time on this part of the book. She has some great friends, including a new boyfriend, who are willing to do just about anything to keep her safe. It was a nice change that this mystery did not have a murder, but some missing persons. Scarlet’s sister, Violet, has been living in a cult near town, but there have been some questions raised about what is going on in the cult. As well, her brother, Trent, has left his wife and is now missing as well. Scarlet has her hands full trying to figure out was is going on in the cult, trying to “rescue” her sister and find her brother, as well as continue working on her radio show. What she and her friends uncover puts them in danger, yet they can’t stop until they bring Violet home.

The characters in this book are wonderful. I love her team of Niles, Tom and James as they assist her in many aspects of her life. Her father and grandmother are also a great help to her and she often ends up spending time with them. Her little pig is also spending a lot of time with her father and is almost a joint pet. The mystery is a good one, but I found it often got derailed by some of the extraneous storylines. The addition of the spy store with its quirky owner, added some smiles and chuckles along the way. Overall, this is a good story with a great mystery and wonderful characters. My recommendation to the author would be to cut down on some of the extraneous storylines to keep this book closer to 300 pages, at over 400, this took several days to finish.

I listened to the audiobook narrated by Kimberly M. Wetherell. Once again, I will say she did a good job with the voices, the pacing, the expression and intonation. I was quite pleased with the narration and will be looking for more books narrated by this voice actress. I was gifted a copy of this audiobook upon request. The rating, ideas and opinions shared are my own.

Scarlet Oaks and the Exposed PhotographerSynopsis: Something sinister is going on at Bay Radio. Is it possible there’s a connection between the mafia-type men who show up after dark, the terrified young women they have in tow, and the ominous commune Scarlet’s sister calls home?

A troubled caller’s cryptic clues point to a man from Scarlet’s past. Could he be the key to breaking her sister, Violet, out of a seemingly impenetrable commune?

Scarlet’s new boyfriend, gets a crash course on the life and times of Violet, as they enter a world of shadows, sex, and secrets. With more than her own life on the line, Scarlet fights to save her sister. Can Scarlet and friends, armed with only a harebrained scheme and spy store gadgets, solve this mystery? All roads lead back to the cryptic caller. Expose the photographer from Scarlet’s past, and the thick, scandalous web starts to unravel. Jump on this speeding cable car with Scarlet and hold on for dear life.

This fast-paced, clever mystery will have you laughing one minute and gasping the next. Spend time with the characters you’ve grown to love and make room in your heart for more. If you grew up reading Nancy Drew, you’ll love Scarlet Oaks.

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About the Author: Michaela James lives near Reno, Nevada, where there are lovely walking trails and lots of sun. She was born and grew up in Hampshire, England, where there is less sun, but better chocolate! A professional voice over artist and the voice of a local radio station, Michaela enjoys watching great movies with her husband and grown sons, playing tennis and  and drinking lots of tea.



About the Narrator: A bright, versatile, broad-next-door type, Kimberly M. Wetherell is rapidly becoming a sought-after talent in the voice-over market, specializing in audiobooks, commercials, and animation.

Kimberly has worn multiple hats in the entertainment industry for over 30 years. A graduate of The Theatre School at DePaul University, Kimberly has been an actor, a singer of musical theatre, director of both opera and film, and producer of opera, film, and most recently, commercials. She speaks French, Italian, and German (all thanks to her 15-year career in opera), and, as a lifelong lover of language, has a large catalogue of dialects and accents from around the world at the tip of her tongue.

Equally active in the literary world, Kimberly is a published essayist and contributing editor of The Nervous Breakdown. She founded and hosted DISH, a monthly food & drink reading series at SoHo’s Housing Works Bookstore Cafe, as well as having hosted other reading series around NYC, such as NPR’s Dime Stories at Brooklyn’s Barbès and TNB’s Literary Experience at Chinatown’s Happy Endings.

Voice-over artistry is the perfect marriage of her life’s two passions, and she couldn’t be happier with this new career pursuit.