We are 1/4 of the way into 2020, so I decided to see how my Challenges are going. You can link to the individual challenge pages here if you wish, but here is my rundown.

2020 Non-Fiction Challenge: I am trying for NonFiction Nibbler. There are 12 categories and I wanted to read from at least 3, and read 12 books. So far, I have read from 4 categories and 7 books, so I am well on my way.

Popsugar Challenge: My goal is to complete all the prompts including the advanced ones. That is 40 plus 10. So far, I have completed 20/40 and 3/10, so again, well on my way.

Bookbloggers Fiction Reading Challenge for 2020 – #FFRC2020: There are 8 prompts and I have completed 4, so halfway.

2020 While I Was Reading Challenge: This challenge has 12 prompts and I have completed 7 of them, so more than halfway.

2020 Finishing The Series Reading Challenge: This is the one challenge that I have not been doing very well with. I picked out 5 series I wanted to finish which is 22 books. I have only finished 2 series and 3 books. I need to get cracking with this one.

What’s In a Name Challenge 2020: This challenge also has 6 prompts and I have only completed 2 of them. I had anticipated finishing this one early, so need to get to these books.

A to Z Challenge 2020 (Title): Obviously there are 26 books to read for this challenge. I am already finished this one, but of course, have the hardest letters left. 19/26

There you have it. I am doing quite well with most of these, but need to choose more carefully what I am going to read next. I have a list to complete the challenges, so need to select from that list.

How are you doing with the challenges you are working on this year?