Bitter Falls (Stillhouse Lake #4)Bitter Falls (Stillhouse Lake #4) by Rachel Caine

Published January 21st 2020 by Thomas & Mercer, Brilliance Audio

4 Stars:

Bitter Falls brings us back into the world of Gwen Proctor and her family. Gwen is now working for a PI firm and takes on jobs in her area. She is called in to investigate a cold case, the disappearance of a college student three years earlier. As she delves deeper into Remy’s disappearance, she uncovers information that ties back to events revealed in Wolfhunter River. What starts off as a simple missing person, pulls not only Gwen, but Sam and her kids into a dangerous situation, with another psychopath having them on his radar.

Gwen is still a kickass, tough mama, but this book didn’t have the same pull for me. In the previous books, she was protecting her family, now she is putting her life on the line for others. Don’t get me wrong, it is still a good story, just not as good as the first three. In this story, Gwen and Sam have decided to live together and put down roots as a family. The kids are having a tough go at school. They really don’t have any friends and the local drug family wants them to relocate. I felt for her kids. They had done nothing wrong, yet were paying the price for their father’s crimes. We also meet up with Vee, who has run away from her foster home and ended up looking for Lanny. She is still a wildcard in this story, causing problems, but then jumping in to try and save the day. Overall, Bitter Falls is a riveting, dark, fast-paced, high intensive story. I like that it kept me glued to the page until the story was over, but it was over the top with all the non-stop, life-threatening danger to characters. For a mom who wants to keep her children safe at all costs, Gwen sure does a lot of stuff that puts them in danger. So, I am going to give this one 4 stars because I did enjoy it, but I am not sure if this is a series that I will continue with, if that makes sense. The publisher generously provided me with a copy of this book upon request. The rating, ideas and opinions shared are my own.

About the Book: She’s investigating a cold case no one else could—by going places no else would dare.

In spite of a harrowing past still haunting her, Gwen Proctor is trying to move forward. Until a new assignment gives her purpose: the cold-case disappearance of a young man in Tennessee. Three years missing, no clues. Just Ruth Landry, a tortured mother in limbo. Gwen understands what it’s like to worry about your children.

Gwen’s investigation unearths new suspects…and victims. As she follows each sinister lead, the implications of the mystery grow more disturbing. Because the closer Gwen gets, the closer she is to a threat that looms back home.

In a town that’s closed its ranks against Gwen; her partner, Sam; and her kids, there’s no bolder enemy than the Belldene family—paramilitary, criminal, powerful, and vengeful. As personal vendettas collide with Gwen’s investigation, she’s prepared to fight both battles. But is she prepared for the toll it could take on everyone she loves?