50233730. sx318 By Design 2 by J. Boykin Baker

Published June 24th 2019 by J. Boykin Baker

4.5 Stars:

This is the second book in the By Design series and continues the saga of Brad and Anne. This is a beautiful Christian series about trusting God in your life, using your gifts God has given you, being true to yourself, your faith and values, and finding love and happiness.

Brad and Anne are married and starting a family. Things do not always go smoothly, but their love and their faith see them through. Once they have started a family, Anne looks to give back to the world. Starting a women’s home to help single mothers, or those who are pregnant and alone, leads her on a journey that changes her life. Working with others from her past and new acquaintances brought into her life, they make a difference in lives that they never expected. This is a wonderful faith based story about family, love, honour and helping others. The Southern charm and humor are present in this story and there are some expressions used that will make you smile. I am really enjoying this series. I have been listening to the audiobooks narrated by Hallie Ricardo. She has a very easy voice to listen to. She did not use voices for the characters, but her tone, expression and intonation gave the various characters an identity. I received a copy of this book from Caffeinated PR upon request. The rating, ideas and opinions shared are my own.

By Design 2Synopsis: Anne and Brad’s love for one another continues to blossom in By Design II. The young Southern designer inspires a depth of new emotions in the handsome doctor as he finds her love for everyone in her path a magnetic force he cannot resist. But . . . can he overcome his frustrations with her independent ways? Anne on the other hand, finds Brad’s loving attentions and boyish Southern charm irresistible as she takes on the challenge of his somewhat spoiled nature. One has to ask . . . will their life together withstand professional demands, daily challenges and the possibility of trust issues as they see their worlds so differently?

By Design II: Matters of the Heart will resonate soundly with the majority of readers who find it challenging to balance life in the turmoil of our modern culture. But take heart, it may just be possible!