A Dog's Promise cover artA Dog’s Promise (A Dog’s Purpose #3) by W. Bruce Cameron, William Dufris (Narrator)

Published October 15th 2019 by MacMillan Audio, Forge Books

5 Stars:

I have really enjoyed this trilogy. Bailey the dog, has lived many lives and in this book finally lives his/her last. Bailey is back, but doesn’t remember anything about his previous lives. He is ready to start over and find his purpose, this time with a young boy named Burke. Burke is paralyzed since birth, from the waist down. His father, Chase, wants to get him a service dog, but Burke is positive that once he has surgery he will be able to walk and does not want to take a service dog from someone who really needs one. Instead, his father gets him a rescue dog to help him. Burke and his brother train his new dog, Cooper, to do what is needed. He learns: Assist, steady, Get It, Stay, and general commands needed to be a service dog. He goes through two other incarnations, where he meets up with Burke and his family as well as his mate Lacey.

This was a wonderful addition to the Dog’s Purpose trilogy. The book is not just about Bailey, it is about the family he becomes part of. As Riley and Oscar he finds his way back to them. Lacey, his mate, also lives several lives, but again always finds Bailey. The book spans many dog and human years. Animals and people age, get sick and eventually die. It’s very sad, but it happens. This book evoked a lot of emotions in me. I smiled, I laughed, I worried, I got angry and I cried as this story unfolded. I listened to the audiobook narrated by William Dufris. I enjoyed this narration, and loved the voice of Bailey. It was an expressive reading that added to my enjoyment of this book. If you are a dog lover, you will want to read, not only this book, but the series.

A Dog's Promise (A Dog's Purpose, #3)Synopsis: A Dog’s Promise continues the story of Bailey, the good dog whose journey started in A Dog’s Purpose and continued in A Dog’s Journey (both major motion pictures). This time, Bailey is joined by Lacey, another very special dog, who helps Bailey fulfill his promise over the course of several lives.

This charming, wise canine soul brings joy, laughter, and comfort as he unites a family fractured by life’s inevitable obstacles. The love and loyalty of these two memorable dogs shows us the incredible power of hope, truth, and unending devotion in this moving novel by award-winning author W. Bruce Cameron.