Hello and Happy Friday! I decided to join in The Positivity Wave. Originally started by  Meggy @ Chocolate’n’Waffles but I saw it posted by nickimags @ The Secret Library Book Blog and Jonetta@BlueMoodCafe. It is a time to spread some positivity amongst all the doom and gloom on social media and in the news. Please feel free to join in with your own Happy Friday post and link to Meggy’s post so that she knows and say ‘hi’.

This was a great week for the most part. Lots of family time.

I am going to start with the one thing that was not positive, but will look for the positives in it. Last Friday, my son called and asked me to come and get my two youngest grandchildren because he had to take the six year old to the hospital. It turns out he is having an auto-immune reaction to a virus he had a few weeks ago. He is in a lot a pain (still) with joints so swollen he can’t walk. He is also having tummy issues and a major rash causing welts and lots of bruising. Now this sounds bad, but the positive is that this is not something that will persist. It will take a few weeks, but then he will be fine. It is not something that will necessarily recur again either. So we are all thankful for that.

I had a couple of theatre experiences this week. Friday night I went with my sister, daughter and neighbour to see Matilda performed by our local musical theatre group, it was amazing.

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Then on Sunday, my sister and I went to Sarnia to visit my 95 year old aunt. We took her to see The Christmas Carol performed by her local theatre group. We had a nice visit and went out to dinner as well. This will be the last visit for me until I get back from Florida in March, so I really enjoyed it.

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Monday, I had the littles over again to give my son and grandson some relief. It was also my grandson’s first birthday, but we haven’t celebrated yet.

Wednesday was another wonderful meal at the church. I made cabbage roll casserole and had over 50 come and join us for dinner, including my daughter-in-law and two youngest grandchildren. A great meal, great company and some funds raised for charity.

Thursday was a great meeting with some members of my church planning the Advent and Christmas services. It is great to see so many people willing to help out and we got everything planned.

Today, I have the Littles again and we have been having fun. It is also my birthday, so I will be going out with some friends tonight.

I got my yard pretty well ready for winter. Raked up 13 bags of leaves and put away all the rest of the summer things (kids toys, chairs, cushions and knick knacks)

I was cleaning out a box yesterday, and I found two gift cards, one for the cinema and one for Boston Pizza. Each of them has $25.00 on them. It looks like I will get to go out for dinner and to a movie next week. I really want to see Mr. Rogers. Not sure who gave them to me or when, but Happy Birthday to me.

I listened to some wonderful audiobooks this week.

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It was Thanksgiving in the US this week, but being Canadian, we celebrated back in October. However, we still have Holiday sales that started on Tuesday. I purchased all the Christmas gifts for my three grandchildren this week. Woo Hoo!

My hockey team (the Toronto Maple Leafs) have won three in a row and are back in third place in their division. Go Leafs Go!

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Last but not least, when we drove home from my aunts, we went though Michigan. We stopped at Meijers to pick up a couple of things. I was able to buy cinnamon chips to make cinnamon snicker doodle bar and pumpkin spice creamer. I can’t get either of these in Canada, so that was a treat. I am enjoying my coffee in the morning with my Pumpkin Spice flavour.

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What’s made you happy this week?