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November 19, 2019: Top Ten Changes in my Bookish Life

I started blogging in September of 2015. I had no idea what I was doing, and still don’t. I have undergone many changes in my Bookish Life since then.

1. I had no idea that ARCs were a thing available to the general public. I love reading ARCs and getting in on the ground floor of a new book.

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2. I used to just read physical books, but now read more on my kindle than physical books.

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3. I used to save my favourite books to reread. I had so many bookcases full of books I had already read. I do not keep books to reread anymore, because I have so many books to read, I will probably not ever reread them. I donated them to various organizations to sell at used book sales. (Not my children’s books, I reread them all the time with my grandchildren)

4. Audiobooks are one of my favourite ways to read/listen to a book. A few years ago, I tried this medium and didn’t like it at all. Now, I think I listen to as many audiobooks as ebooks.

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5. I will have several books on the go at the same time. I can read a physical book, an ebook and listen to an audiobook, depending on my activity. They have to be different genres so I don’t get confused, but it works.

6. I participate in blog tours. I never thought this was something I would do, but I enjoy it. I did get in a bit too deep (with six different publicity groups and some publishers) but have cut back a bit.

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7. When I started blogging, I had authors reaching out to me to read and review their books. Now, I have publishers reaching out to me to read and review their books. Wow, never thought that would happen.

8. I read many more genres than I used to. I was pretty much a contemporary fiction and mystery/suspense reader before, and read the same authors over and over. I now read so many different genres and authors, that I will never read all the books on my TBR.

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9. I review books. Now this sounds pretty silly, but I used to read a book and then move to another. I now reflect, and write my thoughts about a book. I review on Goodreads, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and my blog.

10. Challenges: I read what I wanted, when I wanted in the past. With the various challenges I participate in, I have widened my genres, added new authors to my faves, and gotten out of reading ruts several times.

I loved the idea of having a reflection post reminiscent of a journal entry or something.
How has your reading life change recently or over time?