45150761. sx318 When You Lose Someone You Love by Joanne Fink

Originally published October 10th 2017 by Lumina Press, Re-released April 9th 2019 by CompanionHouse Books

4 Stars:

As I come upon the third anniversary of the loss of my husband, I become very emotional and feel his loss even more. I have days that I don’t want to do anything, somedays, I don’t even get out of my pyjamas. I read this little book to see what the author could possibly share with me about grief that I hadn’t already experienced. What I found was a lovely little book with short comments and sentiments couples with beautiful artistic illustrations. Was anything in this book new to me? Not really, but, it validated some of what I feel. Many people think that it has been three years and should be “over it” by now. Some people ask if I am going to start “dating”. I don’t know what my future will hold, but I am still grieving. I know I still love my husband and miss him terribly. I still feel like a fifth wheel at certain events. And all this is okay and normal. In fact, as I read this little book, the tears flowed, but they were cathartic tears. Thanks Joanne Fink for validating how I feel and letting me know that I am not alone. I recommend this book to anyone who had lost a loved one and just needs to hear and see that you are not alone, and it is okay to feel the way you do. Thanks to the publisher for providing me with a copy of this book upon my request. The rating, ideas and opinions shared are my own.

Synopsis: Filled with expressive sentiments and beautifully simple illustrations from the personal grief journal of award winning artist/author Joanne Fink, this special edition of When You Lose Someone You Love offers a healing connection with all who are dealing with one of life’s most challenging times. Readers will understand that they are not alone, that there will be days when you feel overwhelmed, nights when you can’t sleep, and times when waves of sadness wash over you unexpectedly. Affirming and cathartic, this book will help bring healing without sugarcoating the challenges of losing a loved one. When You Lose Someone You Love is an incredible gift of comfort for anyone who endures the journey of losing a spouse, a family member or close friend. When You Lose Someone You Love features… -Life-affirming insights from the personal grief journal of an award-winning artist. -Expressive sentiments take readers through the many emotions of loss. -Beautifully illustrations on every page. -A 116 page book that offers the -look and feel- of a very personal greeting card.

Joanne Fink  knows first-hand the pain of loss. In 2011 her life forever changed when her husband, Andy Trattner, died unexpectedly of a heart attack just two days before their son’s 12th birthday. Joanne began journaling as a way of getting through her loss, and self-published excerpts from those journals in her illustrated memoir, When You Lose Someone You Love, as a gift of comfort for others who have lost loved ones. She is an award-winning calligrapher, best-selling author, designer and inspirational speaker. Check out her website for more information about her books, her grief journey and more. Blog-When You Lose Someone You Love