A Cosy Christmas in Cornwall by Jane Linfoot

Published October 19th 2019 by One More Chapter

Genre: Women’s fiction, Chicklit, Romcom, Romance

Synopsis: A December to remember…


Christmas in a Cornish castle? Sign Ivy Starforth up! Hired to kit out the holiday rental as the world’s most Instagramable festive dreamland, there’s only one thing standing in the way of her hefty paycheque – the lord of the manor.

Bill Markham could give Scrooge a run for his money but Ivy is firmly #TeamChristmas…even if her handsome host seems to be doing everything he can to sabotage her staging. Maybe she shouldn’t have stumbled in on him starkers in the hot tub?

As the temperature outside cools, things inside the castle heat up. It’s been a long time since Ivy allowed herself to give in to temptation…surely one little kiss under the mistletoe won’t hurt?

4.5 Stars:

I love Christmas stories, I enjoy romance, I enjoy humour and I like to have characters I can connect to, so, this book was a winner all the way around. This is the first book I have read by Jane Linfoot, but it will definitely not be my last.

When I first started the story, I felt like I was dropped in the middle of something, but very quickly it all sorted itself out. Ivy was hired to help Libby with her Christmas Instagram presence. She headed off to the castle Libby rented for two weeks to prepare the last minute touches. What she was not prepared for was a rather small, unadorned, sparsely furnished castle, with no wifi, minimal phone reception and the man she had pined over for years. Bill was just as shocked to see Ivy. What follows is a flurry of decorating and preparing for Christmas celebrations for 20 plus.

I enjoyed this Christmas story with all its bumps. The characters are all flawed and/or dealing with something. We have spoiled children, marriages falling apart, a woman in her sixties who is desperate to get married, a bunch of happy go luck senior surfers, overachievers, and two main characters with a lot of baggage. They spend two whirlwind weeks togethers and find out that there is so much more to life than vlogs, instagram, videogames and shopping. Ivy and Bill two-step around each other, neither wanting to take the first step to begin a relationship. They both have baggage to overcome first and they eventually help each other to do that. I love Bill’s father. He is so easygoing and smart too. The kids even chilled out and began to enjoy this no-technology holiday. I will say there were a lot of characters and I often had to stop and figure out which child was speaking, but that didn’t deter my enjoyment of this story.

This was a good Christmas story with the spirit of Christmas shining through. There were a lot of humorous moments where I laughed out loud, particularly the incident at the donkey sanctuary. I particularly enjoyed the ending of the story as it wrapped up all the various situations and storylines nicely. A Christmas story that I recommend to anyone who loves Christmas, romance, family relationships and second chances. I received a copy of this book from the publisher upon request. The rating, ideas and opinions shared are my own.

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About the Author: Jane Linfoot is a best selling author, who lives in a cottage on a Derbyshire hillside with her family and their pets. Although she loves seeing cow noses over the garden wall, she’s happy she can walk to a supermarket.

Jane grew up in North Yorkshire where she spent a lot of her childhood avoiding horizontal gales blowing off the sea and wrote her first book by accident. While she loves to write feel good books that let readers escape, she’s always surprised to hear her stories make people laugh, admits to (occasionally) crying as she writes, and credits her characters for creating their own story lines.

Jane’s garden would be less brambly if she wasn’t on Facebook and Twitter so often. On days when she wants to be really scared, she rides a tandem.

Her recent stand alone novels are all set in and around the (imaginary) seaside village of St Aidan in Cornwall. They are: Ivy’s Cornish Christmas, Edie’s Browne’s Cottage by the Sea, The Little Cornish Kitchen. Her four book Little Wedding Shop series are standalone stories, also set in St Aidan. They are: The Little Wedding Shop by the Sea, Christmas at the Little Wedding Shop, Summer at the Little Wedding Shop and Christmas Promises at the Little Wedding Shop. They are all published by the Harper Impulse and One More Chapter imprints of Harper Collins.

Follow Jane on Twitter @janelinfoot, or find her on her Author Page Facebook or her Personal Page Facebook. She’s also on Instagram, and has lots of Pinterest boards relating to her novels.