Serf and Turf (Silicon Valley Mystery #3) by Marc Jedel

Published October 9th 2019 by BGM Press

Synopsis: He’s afraid of losing his girlfriend. But maybe he should be more concerned about the dead body she’s crying over?

Marty Golden can barely string a voicemail message together, let alone keep up with his new love. This quirky uncle’s hectic Silicon Valley lifestyle needs a reboot when a youth league soccer game becomes a murder scene. And nothing can stop him from donning his amateur sleuth uniform when he discovers his sweetheart used to have quite a thing for the dead guy …

With a not-so-helpful paw from Buddy the Labrador, he does his best to sniff out a long list of possible suspects. But between gossipy soccer moms and the costume-clad members of a Renaissance Faire, Marty’s theories fall harder than a jousted knight.

Can Marty solve the case before the trail and his new flame grow cold?

Serf and Turf is the third book in the zany, Silicon Valley cozy mystery series. If you like laugh-out-loud comedy, dorky sleuths, and a festival of old-world fun, then you’ll love Marc Jedel’s humorous murder mystery.

4.5 Stars: 

The am enjoying the Silicon Valley Mystery series. The protagonist, Marty Golden continues to develop his sleuthing and relationship skills. As he spends more time with his sister and his nieces, they are not only developing a family relationship, but once again, they involve him in another case to investigate. As there is a death at a youth soccer game, the self-appointed “partner” to the police department can’t help but investigate.

As always, the book is humorous and entertaining. I am enjoying the supporting cast of Raj, his partner at work and straight man, his girlfriend, and other acquaintances and how they get roped in to help Maxwell Smart, I mean Marty Golden, solve the crime. Throw in a startup company that is developing and testing driverless cars and you know something is going to go wrong. This murder also involves a Renaissance Faire, so once again the setting takes Marty out of his comfort zone and his sleuthing skills find him getting himself into some trouble. I do not want to give this story away, but suffice it to say, I think this is the best one yet. It has a good mystery, a great setting, some humour, a little dash of danger, lots or relationship building and good writing. I definitely recommend this cozy mystery series, especially if you want a fun and amusing mystery read. I received a copy of this book from Great Escapes Virtual Book Tour upon request. The rating, ideas and opinions shared are my own.

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About Marc Jedel: For most of my life, I’ve been inventing stories. Some, especially when I was young, involved my sister as the villain. As my sister’s brother for her entire life, I’m highly qualified to tell the tale of this evolving, quirky sibling relationship.

My writing skills were honed in years of marketing leadership positions in Silicon Valley. While my high tech marketing roles involved crafting plenty of fiction, we called these marketing collateral, emails and ads.

The publication of my first novel, Uncle and Ants, gave me permission to claim “author” as my job. And achieving Amazon Best Seller status gave me even better adjectives to use in front of “author.” This has led to way more interesting discussions than answering “marketing.”

My family would tell you that Marty’s character isn’t much of a stretch of the imagination for me, but I’m comfortable with that situation.

Like Marty, I live in Silicon Valley and can’t believe that otherwise normal people would willingly jump out of an airplane and call it fun. Unlike Marty, I have a wonderful wife and a neurotic but sweet, small dog, who is often the first to weigh in on the humor in my writing.

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