June is Audiobook Month

For years, I tried to listen to audiobooks but couldn’t concentrate on the book, my mind was always going a mile a minute. Last year, I tried again and eureka, success. Perhaps it is because I am retired and no longer have so many things to stress about. Perhaps it is that I am not a huge television watcher, I would rather read or listen to a book. Perhaps it is that I enjoy listening to a story while doing mundane chores and jobs. Whatever it is, I absolutely love listening to audiobooks.

I know that audiobooks are not cheap. Being on a fixed income, I have to watch my pennies, so here are some great ways to listen to audiobooks without having to spend money.

Image result for overdrive audiobookMy two local libraries (City and County) have hundreds of audiobooks on Overdrive. As along as you are a member of the library, you can check them out.

Image result for hoopla audiobook

Hoopla is another place affiliated with libraries, but they have different books from Overdrive. Again, all you need is to belong to a library that subscribes to Hoople. The interesting thing is that the two libraries I use do not have the same books available. They also limit the amount of books you can borrow in a month so with two libraries available, it doubles what I can check out.

Image result for kindle unlimited read and listen for free

This is the one place I have to pay a fee. I purchased a year’s subscription at a reduced rate when I discovered the read and listen option. Not all books that are in the KU program have the listen option, but many do and I love this opportunity to read and listen at the same time.

So, there you have it. Three cheap ways to access and listen to audiobooks. If you read an audiobook this month, tag it with the #JIAM. Happy Listening.