This meme was started by Rae Longest at Powerful Women Readers. As I am a grandmother, who loves to read to her grandchildren, a mother who loved to read to and with her children, and a retired teacher librarian, this meme really attracted me. If you love children’s books, or have a favourite from your childhood, join us in introducing them to a new generation of readers. Feel free to use my logo above, but link back to my post as well.

I sawy this image on facebook recently and thought it was a great reminder of how easy it is to instill a love of reading in a child. Read to them every day or even easier, at night before they go to bed.

My plan is to highlight a book, a series or an author that I think children will love. These will not be new books, they will be books that I have recommended to parents or kids, or books that I have bought for my own children or grandchildren. There are so many wonderful books from the past that I believe today’s children will love.

Today, I am highlighting a story that I read to my own children as well as to many classes of children I taught over the years, Freckle Juice by Judy Blume.

Freckle Juice  251834

I recently read a rather negative review of this book and was surprised. This is a fun story about always wanting what someone else has. Kids who have freckles usually dislike them, but Nicky wants freckles. An enterprising young lady, Sharon, offers to sell him her freckle juice recipe. Yes, I know that she was mean and being untruthful, but kid logic applies here and so Nicky pays her for the recipe. It is a fun story about what Nicky goes through and the outcome of what he tries. The kids always loved it, they laughed and then we talked about various aspects of the story. It is one I still have on my bookshelf and will read with my grandchildren when they are a bit older. A wonderful bit of nostalgia.

Do you have young ones that want to read to? Do you have a book to share that your children, grandchildren or perhaps you, yourself have loved? Share it with us.

Have a wonderful weekend, and don’t forget to read to someone today.