The next Kenni Lowry book has just been released, so I listened to these two on Hoopla to get caught up on this humorous Cozy Mystery series.


Dead as a Doornail: A Kenni Lowry Mystery, Book 5 by Tonya Kappes, Hillary Huber (Narrator)

Published May 15th 2018 by Dreamscape Media

4.5 Stars:

This outing with Kenni Lowry was just as enjoyable as the other visits to Cottonwood KY.These books are fun, full of quirky characters, have a touch of the paranormal with the appearance of Poppa’s ghost who only shows up if there is a murder, and a well-paced and interesting mystery.

Kenni Lowry was enjoying her day off at Tiny Tina’s salon. She was trying to relax, when the local nuisance, Lucy Ellen Lowell shows up demanding service. She is known to write and submit reviews to the local paper about any business that she has had perceived problems with. These reviews have caused more than one business to have difficulties. I was not surprised when she is found dead at home by her husband. Even though the coroner says it was natural causes, Kenni knows that this is not just a heart attack, when Poppa shows up. Even more excitement in Cottonwood has Mayor Ryland and Polly Parker getting married and this wedding is not coming together as planned. Polly is bridezilla and has replaced her original maid of honour with Kenni, much to her chagrin. The wedding has a Gone With the Wind theme, and the green dress is hideous. This is where the humour comes in as Kenni is juggling the murder investigation with the wedding festivities. I laughed out loud a few times.

The characters in this series are wonderful. From Southern Belle mama, who is funny just because of who she is, to Poppa, who helps solve the mysteries, Kenni’s family are always a huge part of the story. She is dating Finn, her deputy and I like how that relationship is moving forward. It is fun to see Kenni explain her thinking of the crimes when Poppa gives her information as she struggles to keep it secret from Finn. There were some interesting twists and turns as always and I definitely didn’t see the ending coming. There were several suspects and I was not able to figure out who the culprit was until just before the reveal. Friendships are tested in this story, but everything turns out in the end, and Polly’s wedding goes off without a hitch. I listened to this story and it was fun to hear the voices of the various characters. The narrator did a great job with this story and I look forward to listening to the next one.

Tangled Up in Tinsel (Kenni Lowry #6) by Tonya Kappes, Hillary Huber (Narrator)

Published October 23rd 2018 by Dreamscape Media

4.5 Stars:

As Christmas approaches, Sheriff Kenni Lowry is adamant that she is going to spend Christmas with Finn Vincent’s family in Chicago. Even though a huge snowstorm is predicted, Kenni refuses to accept that she might have to spend Christmas in Cottonwood. They have a temporary deputy lined up and are trying to get him up to speed on their procedures. When Poppa’s ghost, the former sheriff, shows up she realizes that a murder may be the one thing that can tangle up her plans.

When a young woman, Leighann Graves, goes missing after the Hunt Club Christmas Cantata, her parents are frantic and her boyfriend is worried. She did not take her phone, and no one can reach her. When her vehicle is found with her body inside, it is originally deemed an accident or even a suicide, but Kenni knows better, why else would Poppa have appeared. Kenni is also dealing with her mama, Vivian Lowry who has never been away from her daughter on Christmas. She is not happy that her daughter has Christmas plans away from her, and as the day gets closer she tightens the screws more and more in hopes that Kenni will change her mind. With the murder, the storm and Mama’s pressure, will Kenni and Finn get to Chicago for Christmas?

I enjoy my visits to Cottonwood Kentucky. Kenni’s Mama, Vivian Lowry, is a woman to be reckoned with. She oozes southern charm and I love her appearances in the book y’all. The ghostly presence of Kenni’s grandfather, is always a welcome addition to the cast. He can only be seen and heard by Kenni and her dog Duke. Kenni is still trying to keep her secret from Finn, and it is harder all the time. I laugh at Poppa’s antics as well as what Kenni says and does to cover up when someone overhears her talking to no one. The death of Leighann was so sad and with Christmas approaching, it was terrible to feel the emotions from her family. The suspects are all residents of Cottonwood, and there are a few. As secrets come out, they point to one suspect, then another. There are several twists and turns that kept me guessing right up until the very end. This was one of those stories that I listened to in one sitting. I couldn’t wait to reach the end to find out who killed Leighann, where do Kenni and Finn spend Christmas and does the storm of the century hit Cottonwood? I listened to this story and it was fun to hear the voices of the various characters. The narrator, Hillary Huber, did a great job with this story and I will look for future books narrated by her. I am definitely looking forward to the next Kenni Lowry mystery.